JH Harmony Results

Harmony Lil’ Red Relays Meet Results –

This past Monday the Junior High tracksters traveled to Harmony to compete in the Lil’ Red Relays, after their first full week of uninterrupted practice since the start of the season. For some they would toe the line as their first race of the season, while others would eye the finish line for a new PR. And as the runners paced around the track, they would help bring Spring Hill numerous points, as they would also set 15 Personal Records for the season. The evening would round out with 7th grade Girls, 8th Grade Boys, & 8th Grade Girls winning the meet, and the 7th grade Boys earning 2nd place (missing 1st place by only 1 point!). It was a great night for these young athletes leading up to the district meet this coming Monday, which will be held at Spring Hill Stadium.

More Conclusive Results → http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?div=8th+Grade+Girls&id=mid%3A3941&form=point_totals

7th Girls 2400 Run –

Claire Fielder – 10:46 (2nd)

Blaire Bodenheimer- 10:46.34 (3rd)

Addison Childers-  11:45 (PR) 4th

Kaylee Smith- No Time

Addison Ferguson- No Time

8th Girls 2400 Run –

Jana – 11:24 (PR & 2nd)

Roacha – 11:57

7th Boys 2400 Run –

Wyatt Mcfadden- 9:18 (PR by 10 sec)  (1st)

Jimmy Booth- 9:58 (PR) 3rd place

Hunter Early- 11:34 (PR)

Ivan Camilo- No Time

RJ Heart- No Time

Jesse Cruz- No Time

8th Boys 2400 –

Jace Jones- 9:24

Zane Decker- 9:54

Andrew Northern- No Time

7th Girls 800 Run –

Chinn- 3:06 (PR) 

Marsolan – 3:08 (PR)

Warren – No Time

E Rios – No Time


8th Girls 800 Run –

Gauthier – 3:08

Duchnowski – 2:54 (PR) 2nd

7th Boys 800 Run-

Connor Secord- 2:50

Tucker Tittle- 2:58

Ashton Bowden- No time

Keeton- no time

Kade Haba- No Time

8th Boys 800 Run-

Zen Estrella- 2:37

Jace Jones- 2:42

Zane Decker- 2:48 (PR)

7th Girls 1600 Run-

Claire Fielder- 6:41(1) (PR by 13 sec)

Blaire Bodenheimer- 6:42(2)  (PR by 8 sec)

Addison Childers- 7:11 (5) (PR by 9 sec)

Smith- no time

Marsolan- no time

Addison Ferguson- no time

8th Girls 1600 Run-

Gauthier – 7:04 (PR by 16 sec)

Diana Roacha- 7:35 (PR by 5 sec)

7th Boys 1600 Run-

Connor Secord- 6:31  (PR by 1 sec)

Wyatt McFadden – no time

Jimmy Booth- no time

Parker Eves- no time

Hunter Early- no time

Peyton Hollis- No time

8th Boys 1600 Run-

Zen Estrella- 5:52 (PR by 2 sec)

Jace Jones- 5:54 (PR by 4 sec)

Zane Decker- 6:06

Andrew Northern- no time

Braden Jones- No time

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Tatum Meet Results

Results for Tatum Track Meet 2019 →

This past Saturday the Spring Hill Tracksters made their way to Tatum, America to compete in the Eagle Relays. Coming off a solid week of practice and still making a comeback after the Spring Break, break…the distance crew toed the line against their toughest competition thus far. (Except for Kalen Barlow & Haden Bray who represented Spring Hill at the Distance Festival in Southlake Carroll this year….going against well over 1,500 of the best distance runners from all around Texas, the last weekend in Spring Break.) At Tatum, the runners met  a few of their district competitors, and many Area contenders. Giving us all a good look and reality check of the work needed in the weeks to come. The runners will take on Wills Point this coming up Thursday, and Austin Martin (along with other SH runners) will represent SH at the Texas Relays in Austin.



Distance Festival –

Kalen Barlow 1600 – 4:30 (PR by 8 sec) & 34th out of 411 runners

Haden Bray 800- 2:13 (PR by 2 sec) & 98th out of 163 runners


3200 JV GIRLS –

Brooke Bagley -15:03 1st



Riley Johnson- 13:31


3200 JV BOYS-

David McFatridge- 12:43 (2 sec PR)

Cole Secord- 12:54

Bryce Wallace- 14:24 (1 sec PR)


3200 VAR BOYS-

Kalen Barlow- 9:56 (4 sec PR) 1st

Nick Bodenheimer- 10:06 (14 sec PR) 2nd

Marshall Bodenheimer- 10:08 (16 sec PR) 3rd

Caleb Hutcheson- 10:41



Jaden James- 2:56

Tierney Skogen- 2:53



Haleigh Yoder- 2:46 (PR)

Riley Johnson- 2:47

Peyton Borens- 2:51 (2 sec PR)


800 JV BOYS-

Monkavian Williams- 2:10 (1sec PR)

Carson Barnhill- 2:16

Brody Barnhill- 2:23

Cory Cagle- 2:30



Austin Martin- 2:03

Kalen Barlow- 2:05 (PR)

Jay Rockwell- 2:08 (1 sec PR)

Mason Hancock- 2:13

Haden Bray- 2:13

Vencent Rockwell- 2:15


1600 JV GIRLS-

Brooke Bagley – 7:06


1600 JV BOYS-

Cole Secord- 5:58

David McFatridge- 6:17

Bryce Wallace- 6:51



Riley Johnson- 6:19

Haleigh Yoder- 6:31

Peyton Borens- 6:64


1600 VAR BOYS-

Kalen Barlow- 4:46

Nick Bodenheimer- 4:50

Marshall Bodenheimer- 4:56 (2 sec PR)

Haden Bray- 5:11

Mason Hancock- 5:16

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Week of March 25 – March 31


ALL JH – Meet @ Harmony

ALL HS – On your own (Mid Dis- 20-25 min steady + 3x 5 bleachers) (Distance – 35-50 min + Hill sprints)  ***WEIGHTS I WILL SEND A PIC


7th Boys / ALL JH Girls – with athletic girls / after school @4:10pm (we will start from the SHED THEN) will go TILL 4:40pm

8th Boys / ALL HS – Workout on Track + CORE


7th boys / ALL JH girls – @8am workout on Track

8th Boys / ALL HS – (8th grade – CAVEMAN + run) (HS – Pre Race)


7th boys / all JH girls – @7:20am steady run + core

8th boys – steady run



7th boys / all jh girls – WORKOUT on track

8th boys / ALL HS – workout on track / CAVEMAN TBA


Long Run 35-80 min OR OFF (depending on level)


Long Run 35-80 min OR OFF


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Junior High Meet Info

Students will get out sometime after lunch, so please make sure and if you are to miss class, that you go and ask for your WORK BEFORE YOUR LEAVE!!!! As a athlete, and especially a distance runner I expect grades and school work to be at the TOP of the list. Track meets are NOT excuses for missing work. 🙂


MEET INFO –>Image-1 (3)

THINGS TO BRING –> UNIFORM, sweats (keep on UNTIL YOU ARE ABOUT TO RACE!!!)  Racing shoes, Training shoes (if you have different racing shoes), SNACKS (grapes, bananas, oranges, trail mix, PB & crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars….) It will be a long evening. Please just try and stay away from CHIPS/CANDY/SODAS/FRIED FOOD., Water Bottles (Or One to refill). Towel to lay on or blanket to help you stretch.

REMINDERS –> WATCH WHEN YOU RACE!!! (2400 starts @ 4pm, so warm ups should begin around 3:40pm), 800 should start warming up when they begin calling for he 4×100 relay, and 1600 needs to warm up WHEN THE BOYS 8th GRADE 300 HURDLES are BEGINNING.


****FIND EVERYONE RACING OF YOUR GENDER. GIRLS 8/7 & boys 8/7 all get together.

****Go to the bathroom if needed early & start moving around. BEFORE TIME TO WARM UP.

****10-12 min easy JOG AROUND THE FIELD OFF THE TRACK! AND STEADY/EASY PACE, STAY ALL TOGETHER. + Go through your line stretches ALL TOGETHER. + standing still stretches.

****2×10 leg swings ALL directions (side/side & front/back)

****2-4 strides during the race RIGHT BEFORE YOURS.

*******REMEMBER I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME, SO IT IS VERY IMPORTANT SO I CAN KEEP RECORDS for YOU TO GET YOUR TIME by asking a friend to time you & post it in the group.   OR have ONE from our group who isn’t running that race to write it down and send a  pic. 

GO GET EM’!!!!!!!   


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JH Sabine Meet Results

Sabine JH Track Meet Results –

This past Tuesday our JH tracksters traveled to Sabine to compete in the Jr. Cardinal Relays. Being the first meet back from Spring Break, we saw both PRs and a few setbacks. However, regardless all runners fought to the end and lessons were learned, and more determination was discovered. After a long and crazy night, the boys would both end the evening out on TOP earning 1st place overall, and the both girls teams would finish in 4th, with the 7th grade team missing 3rd, by only 1 point! Proving all across the board these young athletes are moving forward…lessons are being learned and ultimately a desire to push themselves is being instilled into each young panther and lady panther athlete.This week we have finally had a full week of distance training, and I cannot wait to see what next meet will show for the future of SH running. Runners are starting to “get it” what it means to push past your limits and work as a team to achieve your goals, and learn that it doesn’t matter your speed…everyone pushing hard, helps us all. We have two weeks until the district meet!!!


Here is the link for the more conclusive results → http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?div=8th+Girls&id=mid%3A3849&form=point_totals


Girls (PRs):

Blaire Bodenheimer – 1600- 6:50 (last time ran 7:01) & first 2400 with time of 10:44


Boys (PRs):

Jace Jones- 2400- 9:23 (last year 10:21 PR), 800- 2:36 (last meet 2:38), 1600- 5:58 (last meet 6:00)

Zane Decker – 2400- 9:31

Jaden Giddings- 2400 – 8:32 (last year 9:00 PR), 1600 -5:27 (last meet 5:30)

Connor Secord- 800- 2:43 (last meet 2:47)

Wyatt McFadden- 2400- 9:27, 1600 – 6:17 (last meet 6:25)

Caleb McKinley – 1600- 6:07


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Week of March 18 – March 24

***WELCOME BACK!!! from Spring Break & it is time to get GOING FOR DISTRICT!!..AREA, REGIONALS….STATE!!!****


7th Boys / JH Girls – @ 8am pre race, meet on the Field.

8th Boys / ALL HS – during athletics period (8th grade Pre Race/ Get uniform ) & HS WORKOUT on Track.


7th Boys / JH Girls – @8am get uniforms & easy run + strides / Stretch (MEET @SABINE!!)

8th Boys/ ALL HS- (8th Grade MEET DAY @Sabine) / HS steady run up GR + Hill Sprints + WEIGHTS


7th Boys / JH Girls – @Steady Run up George Ritchy + Hill Sprints (Weights After School if you choose)

8th Boys / ALL HS – during athletic Period – 4:30pm, track workout + weights B day


7th Boys / JH Girls – @7:30am meet on track (girls meet in locker room @7:20am) TRACK WORKOUT. + CORE

8th Boys / ALL HS – Steady run around + track strides OR Bleachers + WEIGHTS


7th Boys / JH Girls – @8am steady run + 200 starts + CORE

8th Boys / ALL HS – (8th Boys workout on Track +WEIGHTS) / HS do prerace steady + starts/block work / hurdles & stretch


ALL JH – Either long run 30-40 min steady run OR off …send your miles in the group so i can track them



ALL JH – Either long run 30-40 min steady run OR off …send your miles in the group so i can track them

ALL HS – Either OFF or Long Run


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ALL meet Results so far

Sorry it has taken me longer to get these out…But here are the Results for:


Spring Hill Meet (JH MEET)

Meet Results for Spring Hill JH Meet –

Opening up the 2019 season at home was a sigh of relief for many young runners, as they entered into a new season to do great things. Yet, cut short due to an artic blast that seemed to make its way through Spring Hill, America the runners were taken out of their element and asked to race a little different. Cutting out all field events and the 2400 meter run, runners were asked to run the 800 and 1600 combo. For some it would be a breeze, yet for others it was a whole new world as they not only entered into their first meet, but racing something totally different. However, the legacy looks to continue as these young runners were accompanied by their older mentors and raced exceptional, with loads of potential awaiting. Below are the results from the JH meet.


http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?form=point_totals&id=mid%3a3696 (Conclusive Results)

7th Grade Girls 800 Meter Run

Claire Fielder-

Blaire Bodenheimer-

Addison Childers-

Kaitlin Smith-

Caelyn Marsalon-


8th Grade Girls 800 Meter Run

Whitney Gauthier- 3:08

Diana Roacha-


7th Grade Boys 800 Meter Run

Connor Secord- 2:47 (3rd)

Tucker Tittle- 2:52 (5th)

Corbin Crissom-

Isaac Stevens-

Parker Eaves-

Cristoval Tovar-


8th Grade Boys 800 Meter Run

Jaden Giddings- 2:25 (2nd) **PR in 7th Grade was 2:34

Zen Estrella- 2:34 (4th)

Jace Jones- 2:38 (5th)

Zane Decker- 2:45

Andrew Northern-

Elijah Mayhew-

Jax Stovall-


7th Grade Girls 1600 Meter Run

Claire Fielder- 6:57 (4th)

Blaire Bodenheimer- 7:01 (5th)

Addison Childers- 7:20

Kaitlin Smith: 7:23


8th Grade Girls 1600 Meter Run

Whitney Gauthier- 7:20

Diana Roacha- 7:40


7th Grade Boys 1600 Meter Run

Wyatt McFadden- 6:25 (4th)

Connor Secord- 6:32 (6th)

Tucker Tittle-

Dwayne Pichard-

Parker eaves-

Nick Morton-


8th Grade Boys 1600 Meter Run-

Jaden Giddings- 5:30 (2nd)

Zayne Decker- 5:49 (3rd)

Zen Estrella- 5:54 (6th) **PR in 7th Grade was 6:29

Jace Jones- 6:00 **PR in 7th Grade was 6:45

Andrew Northern- 6:45

Dee Mackey (Union Grove) & Bill Secord Meet Results –


Opening up the 2019 season for the Spring Hill Tracksters was one COLD and WINDY meet. After numerous days of being stuck inside due to cold and rain, and long months of hard training…the runners are OFF!! It is going to be an exciting season, with runners already setting PRs from the opening meet. Working harder than ever, and with more former runners coming back on the girls side, and motivation from State XC fueling the boys…look out Texas! Here comes the SPRING HILL PACK!! We might have been unknown in years past, but we are making ourselves known…stride by stride. Hard Work does pay off.

Varsity Girls 3200 Meter Run

Riley Johnson- 13:24 (5th)

Annabeth Hood- 14:40

Brooke Bagley- 15:01 (PR last year 15:49)


JV Boys 3200 Meter Run

Cole Secord- 12:40

David McFatridge- 12:45 (PR last year 13:06)

Jackson Perritt- 13:29

Bryce Wallace- 14:25


Varsity Boys 3200 Meter Run

Kalen Barlow- 10:00 (PR last year 10:38)

Nick Bodenheimer- 10:20

Caleb Hutcheson- 10:21 (PR last year 10:52)

Marshall Bodenheimer- 10:24 (PR last year 11:28)

Mason Hancock- 11:20


Girls 800 Meter Run-

Jaden James: 3:01


JV Boys 800 Meter Run

Carson Barnhill- 2:16 (1st)

Brody Barnhill- 2:23

Adrienne Rodriguez- 3:00


Varsity Boys 800

Austin Martin: 2:03 (1st)

Jay Rockwell- 2:11

Haden Bray- 2:15


Girls 1600 Meter Run

Riley Johnson- 6:06 (PR last year 6:27)

Brooke Bagley- 6:55 (PR last year 7:12)


JV Boys 1600 Meter Run

Cole Secord- 5;57

David McFatridge- 6:04 (PR last year 6:30)

Jackson Perritt- 6:17

Bryce Wallace- 6:34

Adrienne Rodriguez- 7:05


Varsity Boys 1600 Meter Run

Kalen Barlow- 4:38 (PR last year 5:48)

Nick Bodenheimer- 4:50 (PR last year 5:31)

Caleb Hutcheson- 4:55 (PR last year 5:13)

Marshall Bodenheimer- 4:58 (PR last year 5:20)

Haden Bray- 5:05 (PR last year 5:19)

Mason Hancock- 5:15

More Conclusive Results from the UNION GROVE MEET →

JV Girls 3200 Meter Run

Brooke Bagley- 15:14
Varsity Girls 3200 Meter Run

Riley Johnson- 13:08 (3rd) last week 13:24

Annabeth Hood- 15:40

Varsity Boys 3200 Meter Run

Kalen Barlow- 10:02

Haden Bray – 11:15 (PR 11:31 last year)

JV Girls 800 Meter Run

Jaden James- 2:55 (6 sec PR)

Varsity Girls 800 Meter Run-

Riley Johnson- 2:45

Peyton Borens- 2:53

JV Boys 800 Meter Run

Monkavian Williams- 2:11

Brody Barnhill- 2:25

Cory Cagle- 2:25

Varsity Boys 800

Austin Martin: 2:03 (1st)

Jay Rockwell- 2:09 (2 sec PR)

Mason Hancock- 2:11

JV Girls 1600 Meter Run

Brooke Bagley- 7:01

Varsity Girls 1600 Meter Run

Riley Johnson- 6:04 (2 sec PR)

Peyton Borens- 6:29 (last time ran 6:55 was PR)

Annabeth Hood- 6:51


Varsity Boys 1600 Meter Run

Kalen Barlow- 4:37 (PR by 1 sec)

Haden Bray- 5:10

Mason Hancock- 5:07 (3 sec PR)


For more Conclusive Results you can Click on the link →


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