Week of January 21 – January 27

**JH until Basketball is over you can leave at bell, HS you will stay as noted to finish, if you have to ride the bus you need to begin working to find a way to stay STARTING FEB 11th AS TRACK WILL OFFICIALLY be rolling and all extra will be important. Until then do as you can, and we will work around it as needed. 

MONDAY – On Your own (HS –> 15/20 min Threshold + BIG 12 , JH –> 30 min run)  (finish about 4:30)

TUESDAY – Steady Run on George Ritchy + A Weights 3, 3, 2  (stay late if needed to finish) (finish about 4:30)

WEDNESDAY – Spring Hill Cut Off Hill Workout + Hurdles/CORE

(finish about 4:15)

THURSDAY – Steady Run on Route + B Day weights (finish around  4:15)

FRIDAY – WORKOUT on TRACK!!   (finish around 4-4:15 will depend on when we begin)

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Week of Jan 14 – Jan 20

MONDAY – Workout on Track / Weights (will stay late until about 4:30pm so plan on that)

TUESDAY – steady run + strides and hurdles

WEDNESDAY – tempo run on GR + Weights or CM (Stay until about 4:15)

THURSDAY – steady run + hill sprints / BIG 12

FRIDAY – Fartlek / TBA

SATURDAY – OFF or Long Run 40-80 min  (Austin/Carson 30 min )

SUNDAY – OFF or Long Run 40 – 80 min  (Austin/Carson 30 min)

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Week of Jan 7 – Jan 11

**Note Weight days we will go until 4:15-4:30pm 

MONDAY – @2pm meet at Shed (RUN on Track + A day weights)

TUESDAY – 30-40 min run + 6 hill sprints / or 25 min run + 3×5 bleachers

WEDNESDAY – @shed for workout + weights B DAY


FRIDAY – 2-3 miles + CAVEMAN @30 w/bleachers


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Kilgore to Longview Race Jan 20th

This is an AWESOME run that many have done before if anyone is interested!! I know a few are doing it this year again…..


And it is January 20th!

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Jan 2 group run canceled

Tomorrow group run CANCELED DUE to HIGH RAIN and Cold TEMPS. Run on your own if your up for it (or if access to treadmill go for that) just dress smart, and changes look to die out later in the day….we will meet JANUARY 7 at 2pm at the shed.


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Christmas Break Running

WE MADE IT!! …And I am saying that with you!!

Just a few notes as you leave for the break and as you ENJOY your break away from school…. 1) RUN…follow the schedule best you can. 2) Ask a teammate to join you, it can help pass the time and make the miles much more enjoyable. 3) Enjoy your time 🙂

Also, be smart about the weather. Wear clothes needed for the temperature and conditions (I mean you never know we might get snow 🙂 )

This year we will workout TWO times as a group to “check in” and if your in town I hope you are there. If you are traveling, please just make sure you get in your runs (POSTING THE CALENDARS ON THE SITE & IN GROUPS).

**IF you need a ride, post in the group**


RUNNING DATES (we will meet at the shed) –>  January 2nd (switch Jan 1st and 2nd workout if you can come) @11am & & January 7th @2:00pm

ALSO the Weightroom (Large ONE) will be open from 10-2pm December 27, 28 & 1st  – 4th


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Runners as you are beginning to aim towards looking past HS, please take the time to fill out our CC/Track College packet. This is to be filled out and kept up with for Coach Alford as she begins to contact schools in your favor. Especially as you begin charting down hours for various organizations (and usually you turn in a form and forget what you did) please make sure you ALSO fill out on here what you do, so we can look back on it.

This will also help me when contacting schools to help personalize things and helping them get to know you better and better pair you up with schools that would best fit you.

Here is the form incase you have lost the one you have been given. Spring Hill Cross Country COLLEGE FORM

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