Heart of a Panther. Leader of the Pack.

Heart of a Panther, Leader of the Pack.

Kalen Barlow’s journey to Austin.

“Never forget the feeling.” Were the last words said to Kalen Barlow as he ended his 2018 Track season. He missed the mark crossing in fifth place for both the 3200 and 1600 meter races, when top four head to regionals. Missing the mark is hard to swallow, even as coach. Kalen would go to regionals that year, only to watch from the stands, cheering on his teammates, with those four words lingering in his head.

His Journey to the top, started on the bottom. Coming in as a shy, timid, and untrusting eighth grader, Kalen would work his way to the top; there is no secret to our training..teamwork and hard work, is how he arrived in Austin May 11th.

Barlow joined the track team his eighth grade year, he was an average runner. Nothing spectacular, except along with his teammates, he had the opportunity to help train Kase White, (3rd in the 3200 & 4th in the 1600 at State that year). Kalen trained for weeks after his last eighth grade race, two of those weeks were actually done on the Longview Track, due to construction at Spring Hill. He came to the Spring pep rally, wearing the “Chase your Dreams” shirt along with his other four teammates, as they wished Kase good luck at state. Ironically, that was the start of Kalen’s own quest to “Chase your Dreams”. That following summer he trained as all runners did, putting in the miles and even attended a Cross Country camp with team at the end of the summer, yet he would find himself on JV to start the season that year in Cross Country and fight for Varsity as track came, yet he would find himself Area and Regional bound at the end of his freshmen year. All those miles and hard days of training had paid off, the group once again rallied together to put in the work as they would enter their sophomore year.

His second year as a varsity athlete left him with high expectations to achieve. It was this year that he not only had to learn to “own” his training, but to lean and depend on his teammates. With his coach out numerous weeks throughout both seasons, practices and meets became more difficult. For the first time, the shy and timid sophomore had to learn to lean on his teammates and “own” his training. However, he was still young and the team still had a lot to learn. Ending their 2018 track season with heads down as all wanted more, but nobody wanted it more than Kalen Barlow.

This past summer is where is all changed. I cannot be certain if he remembered that Area race, as I did. Or if even recalled it. However, he began to chase his dream like never before after that meet. Refusing to take off, and internally made it known that the feeling of not giving your all, would never happen again. Yet, the remarkable story about Kalen Barlow isn’t just how he refused to settle, or accept that his dreams are unreachable. It was how he not only transformed his own heart and mind, but the team. Kalen was not a team runner, prior to 2018. He was too shy to talk to others and too timid to question anyone, and as far as trusting others he was still learning how to do so himself. But it is always the unlikely of circumstances that make or break us. And for Kalen as hard as it was to cheer on teammates at Regional last year, it makes his road to state all that more special. He defines the heart of a panther. With integrity and determination, guiding him mile for mile (which he has ran over 4,000 since his high school career). And models leading the Pack. Kalen is a soft spoken young man, more concerned with his actions speaking then his mouth…and believe me there is  no other way it should be. He has lead our team to qualify for state in Cross Country, run for personal best…race after race, and cheers on all those behind him. There is no secret to Spring Hill distance, Kalen Barlow has proven that it’s not workouts that set us apart. It is our heart and pack that propel us all to success’ far beyond what we even believe is possible. His story gives hope, to anyone with a heart and team. Sometimes our biggest moments are not the victory that molds us, but the defeat that inspires us to reach what we think is unreachable.

Kalen Barlow….let’s chase YOUR DREAMS!!

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Regional Meet Recap

3200 Meter Run- 

Kalen Barlow- 9:50 (4th)

Nick Bodenheimer- 10:14 (7th)

Marshall Bodenheimer- 10:16 (8th)

800 Meter Run- 

Austin Martin- 2:04 (5th)

Riley Johnson- 2:33

1600 Meter Run- 

Kalen Barlow- 4:27 (2nd) * STATE QUALIFIER

Nick Bodenheimer- 4:50 (7th)



Discus- Kaden Peppers (3rd)

400 METERS -Zach Henry (3rd)

**ALSO RELAYS COMPETED for GIRLS (4×100) & Boys (4×400)**


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Week of April 22 – April 26

MONDAY – workout 8th period on the track + weights

TUESDAY – steady run + 150s

WEDNESDAY – shorter workout on track + weights

Thursday – (MID DISTANCE – OFF)(LONG- PRE RACE) (all others – PRE RACE)

FRIDAY- all in 8th or last period athletics will caveman.

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Area Meet Results

The meet was long, yet the pay back was great as five distance and mid distance runners continue in their quest for State, as they advance to the Regional meet. Not all record setting performances, however the show was spectacular.

Varsity boys 3200 Meter Run

Kalen Barlow- 10:00 (1st) *Regional Qual

Nick Bodenheimer- 10:15 (2nd) *Regional Qual

Marshall Bodenheimer- 10:16 (3rd) *regional Qual

Varsity Girls 800 Meter Run

Riley Johnson- 2:33 (5 sec PR) (4th) *Regional Qual

Varsity Boys 800 Meter Run

Austin Martin- 2:05 (2nd) *Regional Qual

Jay Rockwell- 2:07 (4th) *Regional Qual

Varsity Boys 1600 Meter Run

Kalen Barlow- 4:28 (tied PR) (1st) *Regional Qual

Nick Bodenheimer – 4:45 (3rd) *Regional Qual

Caleb Hutcheson- 4:52 (5th)

MORE CONCLUSIVE RESULTS –> http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?div=Varsity+Boys&ev=3200+M+Run&id=mid%3A4194%21lev_num%3A11&form=eresults

REGIONAL ITINERARY (SCHEDULE OF EVENTS) –> https://s3.amazonaws.com/sidearm.sites/tamuc.sidearmsports.com/documents/2019/4/8/UIL_2019_schedule_.pdf

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HS District Meet Results


Fight. One simple word that in itself tells you all you need to know about the runners who represent the Spring Hill distance crew. They fight the elements at practice that Mother Nature throws at them, fight against themselves when a part of them says they can’t go any harder, they fight against obstacles, and for each other because that is just what family does.

And it was that fighting mentality that helped propel the runners to dominate district racking in 110 points out of three races (four divisions) and eighteen runners. No other team or  school can say they accomplished what they did. But the driving force to what makes them fight and standout…is the fact that they are family. When you watch them run, you also see a group running around cheering on runners in the front chasing down a title, and runners in the back fighting for that PR or just to finish. The success of the District 2019 meet for this crew was not done in 2019, but it started years ago and thankfully this group just keeps going.


More Conclusive Results →http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?form=point_totals&id=mid%3a4145


Brooke Bagley- 13:14 (3rd)

Annabeth Hood- 15:15


Varsity GIRLS 3200 METER RUN:

Riley Johnson- 13:50



David McFatridge- 12:18 (6th)

Jackson Perritt- 12:25

Cole Secord- 13:15



Kalen Barlow- 10:02 (1) *AREA QUALIFIER

Nick Bodenheimer- 10:17 (2) *AREA QUALIFIER

Marshall Bodenheimer- 10:18 (3) (4 sec PR) *AREA QUALIFIER



Tierney Skogen- 2:58 (5th)

Jaden James- 2:59 (6th)

Brooke Bagley- 3:00 (5 sec PR)



Riley Johnson- 2:38 (4th) **AREA QUALIFIER (5 sec PR)

Peyton Borens- 2:44 (7 sec PR)

Haleigh Yoder- 2:45 (tied PR)


JV BOYS 800 Meter RUN:

Haden Bray- 2:09 (1st) (tied PR)

Monkavian Williams- 2:11 (2nd) (tied PR)

Carson Barnhill- 2:13 (3rd) (4 sec PR)


Austin Martin- 2:03 (1st) **AREA QUALIFIER

Jay Rockwell- 2:09.2 (4th)  **AREA QUALIFIER

Mason Hancock- 2:09.5 (5th)



Annabeth Hood- 6:58 (3rd)

Brooke Bagley- 7:01



Riley Johnson- 6:16 (6th)

Haleigh Yoder- 6:34

Peyton Borens- 6:43



David McFatridge- 5:46 (6th) (2 sec PR)

Cole Secord- 5:49

Bryce Wallace- 6:20 (7 sec PR)



Kalen Barlow- 4:37 (1st) **AREA QUALIFIER

Nick Bodenheimer- 4:51 (3rd) **AREA QUALIFIER

Caleb Hutcheson- 4:56 (4th) **Area Qualifier


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DAY 1- Monday, April 8th

11:30pm Scratch Meeting in JH Fieldhouse / Shot & Disc Weigh In

12:30pm SESSION 1: FIELD EVENTS *JV has 4 Attempts

High Jump-JVG ong Jump-VB Discus-JVB

Pole Vault-JVB Triple Jump- VG Shot Put-VB

12:45pm SESSION 2: 3200m Run Finals

3200m Run Finals (VG, VB, JVG, JVB)

2:00pm SESSION 3: FIELD EVENTS *JV has 4 attempts

High Jump-JVB Long Jump-JVG Discus-JVG

Pole Vault-VB Triple Jump-JVB Shot Put-VG


*Running Order will be JVG, VG, JVB, VB

4:30 100m Low Hurdles (JVG / VG)

4:40 110m High Hurdles (JVB/VB)

4:50 100m Dash

5:10 400m Dash

5:30 300m Int. Hurdles

5:50 200m Dash

DAY 2- Wednesday, April 10th

11:00am Pick up Running Finals Packet / Shot & Disc Weigh-in

12:00pm SESSION 5: FIELD EVENTS *JV has 4 attempts

High Jump- VB Long Jump- VG Discus- VB

Pole Vault- VG Triple Jump- JVG Shot Put- JVB

1:30pm SESSION 6: FIELD EVENTS *JV has 4 attempts

High Jump- VG Long Jump- JVB Discus- VG

Pole Vault- JVG Triple Jump- VB Shot Put- JVG


*Running Order will be JVG, VG, JVB, VB

3:30 4X100m Relay

3:40 800m Run

3:55 100m Low Hurdles (JVG / VG)

4:00 110m High Hurdles (JVB / VB)

4:10 100m Dash

4:20 4X200m Relay

4:40 400m Dash

4:55 300m Int. Hurdles

5:10 200m Dash

5:20 1600m Run

5:50 4X400m Relay

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Mineola Meet Recap

Mineola Meet Recap –

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is success.”

I have used this quote before, but it is Spring Hill distance. This group has been built upon the legacy that you don’t achieve success alone. In fact, this group of Juniors trained with Kase White as he aimed to bring home state medals, and did. They were apart of the success then, and still are. Last night was no different as each individual toed the line, only to be spurred on by teammates on and off the track. On a heated day, we saw PRs, but more importantly fight. From the start of the day with the JV girls kicking off and a runner joining in last minute to just “be apart of the team” for one more race. All the way to the last distance race where the Varsity boys performed a phenomenal show, all thanks to two teammates willing to do extra to better themselves and their team. Again, that is Spring Hill distance. Succeeding beyond their limits on a daily basis…not based always on talent alone, but because of a team that pushes them to go beyond the limit…believing they can and will. Stay tuned District Meet will be Monday & Wednesday…here we go!

MORE CONCLUSIVE RESULTES –>http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?form=point_totals&id=mid%3a4108  

JV Girls 3200 Meter Run

Brooke Bagley – 15:41

Jaden James-  16:13 (first time to run)


Varsity Girls 3200

Riley Johnson – 13:52


JV Boys 3200 Meter Run-

David McFatridge- 12:51

Cole Secord- 13:11

Jackson Perritt- 13:13 (13 sec PR)

Bryce Wallace- 14:30


Varsity Boys 3200 Meter Run-

Kalen Barlow- 9:59

Nick Bodenheimer- 10:14

Marshall Bodenheimer- 10:22 (tied PR)


JV Girls 800 Meter Run-

Tierney Skogen- 2:48 (2 sec PR)

Brooke Bagley- 3:05 (first time)

Jaden James- 3:07


Varsity Girls 800 Meter Run-

Riley Johnson- 2:43 (2 sec PR)

Haleigh Yoder- 2:45 (1 sec PR)


JV Boys 800 Meter Run-

Monkavian Williams- 2:12

Caleb Hutcheson- 2:13 (first time)

Brody Barnhill- 2:34


Varsity Boys 800 Meter Run-

Austin Martin- 2:00 (tied PR & 3 sec SB)

Jay Rockwell- 2:05 (2 sec PR)

Mason Hancock- 2:07 (4 sec PR)

Haden Bray- 2:09 (2 sec PR)


JV Girls 1600 Meter Run-

Brooke Bagley- 6:45 (8 sec PR)


Varsity Girls 1600 Meter Run-

Riley Johnson- 6:02 (2 sec PR)

Haleigh Yoder- 6:11 (20 sec PR)


JV Boys 1600 Meter Run-

Caleb Hutcheson- 5:53

Cole Secord- 5:44 (1 sec PR)

David McFatridge- 5:48 (tied PR)

Jackson Perritt- 6:13 (2 sec PR)

Bryce Wallace- 6:30


Varsity Boys 1600 Meter Run-

Kalen Barlow- 6:28 (2 sec PR)

Nick Bodenheimer- 4:43 (1 sec PR)

Marshall Bodenheimmer- 4:49 (4 sec PR)


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