Core Routine #2

Core and Fitness Drills SMALL THINGS NOT TO FORGET!!!
Spring Hill Panthers Cross Country

CORE CIRCUIT x2 ROUNDS -→ DO THIS 2-3 times a week!!
* You may choose the days that best fits your schedule ☺
Sit Ups-25 total
Push Ups- 10 total
Standing Squats- 10 total
Shuffle 50 meters down and back
Lunges 50 meters down and back
Wall touches x50
Side Squats 10 total
Scissors x1 min
Boat Hold x1 min
High knees x25 total
Swimmers (on belly simulating a swim) 30 sec
Front Plank/Side Plank Left/ Side Plank Right- 30 sec/each

Plyometrics X3 rounds (FIND A 50 Meter area to work with in length)
-→ DO this before runs on Tuesday and Thursday.
Bounding- (Down and Back 50 Meters) ((Down and Back)
Double Leg Box Jumps- 15
Double Forward Hops- 50 meters (Down)
Double Leg Zig Zag Hope- 50 meters(Back)
Double Leg Lateral (Side) Hop and run – 50 meters + Sprint back (Down and Back)
Double Leg Vertical Jump- 15
Lunge Jump- 15 total
One-Legged Hop in place- 10 (each leg)
Running Bounding (Down and Back 50 meters) (Down and Back)
Scissor Steps (Bleacher or Stool)- 10 total

BIG 12→ This I would recommend as a simple one core work for a day your in a hurry.
12 push ups
12 reverse crunches
11 push ups
11 reverse crunches
10 push ups
10 reverse crunches
EXC…All the way down to 1 ☺ ENJOY!

**Very important to do properly**
**Stride out for 100 meters, pause and recover for approx. 30-45 seconds and then return back.
**Do not rush them, go hard and not half way!!


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