Mineola Meet Recap

Mineola Meet Recap –

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is success.”

I have used this quote before, but it is Spring Hill distance. This group has been built upon the legacy that you don’t achieve success alone. In fact, this group of Juniors trained with Kase White as he aimed to bring home state medals, and did. They were apart of the success then, and still are. Last night was no different as each individual toed the line, only to be spurred on by teammates on and off the track. On a heated day, we saw PRs, but more importantly fight. From the start of the day with the JV girls kicking off and a runner joining in last minute to just “be apart of the team” for one more race. All the way to the last distance race where the Varsity boys performed a phenomenal show, all thanks to two teammates willing to do extra to better themselves and their team. Again, that is Spring Hill distance. Succeeding beyond their limits on a daily basis…not based always on talent alone, but because of a team that pushes them to go beyond the limit…believing they can and will. Stay tuned District Meet will be Monday & Wednesday…here we go!

MORE CONCLUSIVE RESULTES –>http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?form=point_totals&id=mid%3a4108  

JV Girls 3200 Meter Run

Brooke Bagley – 15:41

Jaden James-  16:13 (first time to run)


Varsity Girls 3200

Riley Johnson – 13:52


JV Boys 3200 Meter Run-

David McFatridge- 12:51

Cole Secord- 13:11

Jackson Perritt- 13:13 (13 sec PR)

Bryce Wallace- 14:30


Varsity Boys 3200 Meter Run-

Kalen Barlow- 9:59

Nick Bodenheimer- 10:14

Marshall Bodenheimer- 10:22 (tied PR)


JV Girls 800 Meter Run-

Tierney Skogen- 2:48 (2 sec PR)

Brooke Bagley- 3:05 (first time)

Jaden James- 3:07


Varsity Girls 800 Meter Run-

Riley Johnson- 2:43 (2 sec PR)

Haleigh Yoder- 2:45 (1 sec PR)


JV Boys 800 Meter Run-

Monkavian Williams- 2:12

Caleb Hutcheson- 2:13 (first time)

Brody Barnhill- 2:34


Varsity Boys 800 Meter Run-

Austin Martin- 2:00 (tied PR & 3 sec SB)

Jay Rockwell- 2:05 (2 sec PR)

Mason Hancock- 2:07 (4 sec PR)

Haden Bray- 2:09 (2 sec PR)


JV Girls 1600 Meter Run-

Brooke Bagley- 6:45 (8 sec PR)


Varsity Girls 1600 Meter Run-

Riley Johnson- 6:02 (2 sec PR)

Haleigh Yoder- 6:11 (20 sec PR)


JV Boys 1600 Meter Run-

Caleb Hutcheson- 5:53

Cole Secord- 5:44 (1 sec PR)

David McFatridge- 5:48 (tied PR)

Jackson Perritt- 6:13 (2 sec PR)

Bryce Wallace- 6:30


Varsity Boys 1600 Meter Run-

Kalen Barlow- 6:28 (2 sec PR)

Nick Bodenheimer- 4:43 (1 sec PR)

Marshall Bodenheimmer- 4:49 (4 sec PR)



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