JH Harmony Results

Harmony Lil’ Red Relays Meet Results –

This past Monday the Junior High tracksters traveled to Harmony to compete in the Lil’ Red Relays, after their first full week of uninterrupted practice since the start of the season. For some they would toe the line as their first race of the season, while others would eye the finish line for a new PR. And as the runners paced around the track, they would help bring Spring Hill numerous points, as they would also set 15 Personal Records for the season. The evening would round out with 7th grade Girls, 8th Grade Boys, & 8th Grade Girls winning the meet, and the 7th grade Boys earning 2nd place (missing 1st place by only 1 point!). It was a great night for these young athletes leading up to the district meet this coming Monday, which will be held at Spring Hill Stadium.

More Conclusive Results → http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?div=8th+Grade+Girls&id=mid%3A3941&form=point_totals

7th Girls 2400 Run –

Claire Fielder – 10:46 (2nd)

Blaire Bodenheimer- 10:46.34 (3rd)

Addison Childers-  11:45 (PR) 4th

Kaylee Smith- No Time

Addison Ferguson- No Time

8th Girls 2400 Run –

Jana – 11:24 (PR & 2nd)

Roacha – 11:57

7th Boys 2400 Run –

Wyatt Mcfadden- 9:18 (PR by 10 sec)  (1st)

Jimmy Booth- 9:58 (PR) 3rd place

Hunter Early- 11:34 (PR)

Ivan Camilo- No Time

RJ Heart- No Time

Jesse Cruz- No Time

8th Boys 2400 –

Jace Jones- 9:24

Zane Decker- 9:54

Andrew Northern- No Time

7th Girls 800 Run –

Chinn- 3:06 (PR) 

Marsolan – 3:08 (PR)

Warren – No Time

E Rios – No Time


8th Girls 800 Run –

Gauthier – 3:08

Duchnowski – 2:54 (PR) 2nd

7th Boys 800 Run-

Connor Secord- 2:50

Tucker Tittle- 2:58

Ashton Bowden- No time

Keeton- no time

Kade Haba- No Time

8th Boys 800 Run-

Zen Estrella- 2:37

Jace Jones- 2:42

Zane Decker- 2:48 (PR)

7th Girls 1600 Run-

Claire Fielder- 6:41(1) (PR by 13 sec)

Blaire Bodenheimer- 6:42(2)  (PR by 8 sec)

Addison Childers- 7:11 (5) (PR by 9 sec)

Smith- no time

Marsolan- no time

Addison Ferguson- no time

8th Girls 1600 Run-

Gauthier – 7:04 (PR by 16 sec)

Diana Roacha- 7:35 (PR by 5 sec)

7th Boys 1600 Run-

Connor Secord- 6:31  (PR by 1 sec)

Wyatt McFadden – no time

Jimmy Booth- no time

Parker Eves- no time

Hunter Early- no time

Peyton Hollis- No time

8th Boys 1600 Run-

Zen Estrella- 5:52 (PR by 2 sec)

Jace Jones- 5:54 (PR by 4 sec)

Zane Decker- 6:06

Andrew Northern- no time

Braden Jones- No time


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