Tatum Meet Results

Results for Tatum Track Meet 2019 →

This past Saturday the Spring Hill Tracksters made their way to Tatum, America to compete in the Eagle Relays. Coming off a solid week of practice and still making a comeback after the Spring Break, break…the distance crew toed the line against their toughest competition thus far. (Except for Kalen Barlow & Haden Bray who represented Spring Hill at the Distance Festival in Southlake Carroll this year….going against well over 1,500 of the best distance runners from all around Texas, the last weekend in Spring Break.) At Tatum, the runners met  a few of their district competitors, and many Area contenders. Giving us all a good look and reality check of the work needed in the weeks to come. The runners will take on Wills Point this coming up Thursday, and Austin Martin (along with other SH runners) will represent SH at the Texas Relays in Austin.



Distance Festival –

Kalen Barlow 1600 – 4:30 (PR by 8 sec) & 34th out of 411 runners

Haden Bray 800- 2:13 (PR by 2 sec) & 98th out of 163 runners


3200 JV GIRLS –

Brooke Bagley -15:03 1st



Riley Johnson- 13:31


3200 JV BOYS-

David McFatridge- 12:43 (2 sec PR)

Cole Secord- 12:54

Bryce Wallace- 14:24 (1 sec PR)


3200 VAR BOYS-

Kalen Barlow- 9:56 (4 sec PR) 1st

Nick Bodenheimer- 10:06 (14 sec PR) 2nd

Marshall Bodenheimer- 10:08 (16 sec PR) 3rd

Caleb Hutcheson- 10:41



Jaden James- 2:56

Tierney Skogen- 2:53



Haleigh Yoder- 2:46 (PR)

Riley Johnson- 2:47

Peyton Borens- 2:51 (2 sec PR)


800 JV BOYS-

Monkavian Williams- 2:10 (1sec PR)

Carson Barnhill- 2:16

Brody Barnhill- 2:23

Cory Cagle- 2:30



Austin Martin- 2:03

Kalen Barlow- 2:05 (PR)

Jay Rockwell- 2:08 (1 sec PR)

Mason Hancock- 2:13

Haden Bray- 2:13

Vencent Rockwell- 2:15


1600 JV GIRLS-

Brooke Bagley – 7:06


1600 JV BOYS-

Cole Secord- 5:58

David McFatridge- 6:17

Bryce Wallace- 6:51



Riley Johnson- 6:19

Haleigh Yoder- 6:31

Peyton Borens- 6:64


1600 VAR BOYS-

Kalen Barlow- 4:46

Nick Bodenheimer- 4:50

Marshall Bodenheimer- 4:56 (2 sec PR)

Haden Bray- 5:11

Mason Hancock- 5:16


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