JH Sabine Meet Results

Sabine JH Track Meet Results –

This past Tuesday our JH tracksters traveled to Sabine to compete in the Jr. Cardinal Relays. Being the first meet back from Spring Break, we saw both PRs and a few setbacks. However, regardless all runners fought to the end and lessons were learned, and more determination was discovered. After a long and crazy night, the boys would both end the evening out on TOP earning 1st place overall, and the both girls teams would finish in 4th, with the 7th grade team missing 3rd, by only 1 point! Proving all across the board these young athletes are moving forward…lessons are being learned and ultimately a desire to push themselves is being instilled into each young panther and lady panther athlete.This week we have finally had a full week of distance training, and I cannot wait to see what next meet will show for the future of SH running. Runners are starting to “get it” what it means to push past your limits and work as a team to achieve your goals, and learn that it doesn’t matter your speed…everyone pushing hard, helps us all. We have two weeks until the district meet!!!


Here is the link for the more conclusive results → http://www.trackmateonline.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?div=8th+Girls&id=mid%3A3849&form=point_totals


Girls (PRs):

Blaire Bodenheimer – 1600- 6:50 (last time ran 7:01) & first 2400 with time of 10:44


Boys (PRs):

Jace Jones- 2400- 9:23 (last year 10:21 PR), 800- 2:36 (last meet 2:38), 1600- 5:58 (last meet 6:00)

Zane Decker – 2400- 9:31

Jaden Giddings- 2400 – 8:32 (last year 9:00 PR), 1600 -5:27 (last meet 5:30)

Connor Secord- 800- 2:43 (last meet 2:47)

Wyatt McFadden- 2400- 9:27, 1600 – 6:17 (last meet 6:25)

Caleb McKinley – 1600- 6:07



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