Week of Feb 25 – March 3

Monday – 

JH girls @8am-end of period (workout on track)

8th boys/ HS : @athletic period – 4:30pm workout on track + (will do weights)


JH girls: @7:20am -end of period (steady run + join everyone else for core work and speed)

8th boys/HS: @athletic period – 4:15 (steady run + ball work)


JH girls: @8am (workout on track) -end of period

8th boys/HS: @athletic period – end of workout


JH girls: @8am (TBA due to the inter squad meet) please stay in the loop, it could change to 7:20am.

***there will be the JH inter squad meet today (pending weather). We use it as a “practice” meet for the JH kids to feel more prepared going to heir opening meet. This will Be Girls and boys 7/8 graders. *** they will not run all events but all types of running will be accounted for and have at least one race to run in. Distance will be running the Mile, possiblely…800. I will let everyone know.

(I also use it as a workout, so if they don’t hve much time between it’s ok!) it will begin right after school close to 4:15-4:30pm.

Many of The HS distance crew is coming to help coach and train up the younger runners! Should be a fun kick off!

8th boys: pre race

HS: steady run + weights (please stay after if you can to help coach) 🙂


JH girls: @8am – end of period

8th boys/Hs boys: @athletic period – we finish —> BIG WORKOUT!!!!!! On track!!!!

Saturday / Sunday:

take one day odd & one day Long run (depending on level for JH girls 26-35 min)

all others depending on level and events- 5-9 miles


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