State Meet Recap

State meet recap-

A dream was achieved this past Saturday, for nine runners. A dream
that at one point, they were working to help others achieve, was now
theirs. As they toed the line in Old Settlers Park, they faced Texas’
best, in one last race for the 2018 season. A season to be remembered
forever, and was years in the making. Shining light on a group of kids
who just wouldn’t give up. And with the excitement from their grand
send off, and support from family and friends, the race Saturday was
honestly more than just one more race. It represented hours of missed
sleep, torture training runs, and sacrifices. As well, as discipline,
passion, and family. And even though only eight would race, they raced
for us all.
“To your mark, Go!” Is all it would take for years of training and
emotions to run rapid. Pounding the course, stride-by-stride Spring
Hill runners ran their hearts out. Adapting to the change as rain
forced another course change, with even tighter turns and narrow
straights…they learned on fly, using their endurance to propel them as
the race went on.  Finishing not quite as hoped, but as they
know…nothing GREAT comes easy. And as every race has its own lesson,
so did state. They took note of the experience, the atmosphere, and
feeling…and know not only know what it will take to arrive back in
2019, but what it will take to excel in 2019.

Thank you to the entire Spring Hill ISD & Community for all your
efforts into ensuring these kids felt loved as they headed out to
STATE. Seeing their faces and knowing what this meant already to
them…. leaves me speechless. THANK YOU; YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH IT

101st – Samantha Schott – 13:21.93

VARSTIY BOYS – 152 BOYS TOTAL  11th as a TEAM out of 16 total
69th – Kalen Barlow  – 17:15
85th – Caleb Hutcheson – 17:26
90th – Nick Bodenheimer – 17:28.02
91st – Marshall Bodenheimer – 17:28.69
96th – Austin Martin – 17:33
132nd – Mason Hancock – 18:14
137th – Haden Bray – 18:20

More Results (Picture and Videos) →

Thank you to everyone who has not only supported the team, but myself
over the past six years at Spring Hill. There is no doubt that I have
grown as an individual, coach, and person throughout my time here. I
have come to know some of my best friends and relationships. I
wouldn’t have changed a thing on our road to this point, from
individuals to the team…it was road that bought us to Round Rock
November 3rd that ultimately made it that more exciting. Thank you
SHISD for all you do and continue to do.


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