Regional Meet RECAP

REGIONAL 2018 MEET RECAP-  (I do apologize for the lengthy article)

ONE team, ONE dream.

“Three crucial parts of SHCC success”

There are honestly no words to describe the feeling watching the excitement, as hearing the words “State Bound”, meaning, a job well done. Watching the excitement of kids finally able to embrace the a dream, they’ve been seeking for years. Beyond just the simple word, the moment represented more that just one more race. And nobody knows it better than a SHCC runner.

The first part of the dream started years ago, with small group of boys and girls, laying the foundation of what was to come. Runners who gave all they could, to “Build the Hill”, as they made their own path as a SHCC runner. Some state qualifiers, others Regional qualifiers, and some who never made it past district. However, it’s taken them all to arrive at this moment. We did it!

The second, are the runners themselves in 2018. They know first hand what this moment means…a phrase known well in SH distance running over the years, finally became a reality…STATE. 

Starting the morning was Sophomore, Samantha Schott (10th), arriving at regionals, missing the qualifying mark in 2017, by a mere 20 seconds. And from the start she positioned herself to prove in 2018, missing the mark wouldn’t happen. And with a stronger focus, harder training, and determination, she punched her ticket to Roundrock for 2018.

For boys, the road had been a long time coming. Starting years ago, as JH runners just trying to find their place and challenge themselves. Coming off of the 2017 season in 12th place, the focus had to change off of we. Teamwork was the main component added, despite being hard at times to revolve your own speed and training with someone else, the proof came throughout the season. Adding in new runners, and molding the experienced. Made up of five juniors, a pair of sophomores, and a lone freshmen…this group isn’t the most intimidating one around. However, those things along with heart can do mighty things when joined together. Leading the pack was, junior Kalen Barlow (8th & automatically qualifying), yet it was the combined efforts of Barlow and six other determined panthers, who would make heads turn as a team unheard of, became known.

Lastly, the third and critical part in our road to success, were the teammates who weren’t in the race, but who’ve equally done the work, and know the road as well. It is my true belief that these individuals are what separates SH from anyone else. This group, are the dedicated teammates who are just as much apart of the success as any.

There is no doubt October 22nd will always be a memorable day. A day that proved anything is possible, if you work as ONE, and have the heart of SH Panther.  #Statebound2018    #dreamsdocometrue


8th – Kalen Barlow – 16:24 (52 sec PR)

26th  – Caleb Hutchinson  – 17:05 (1 min 23 sec PR)

28th – Nick Bodenheimer – 17:08 (33 sec PR)

34th – Austin Martin – 17:15 (19 sec SB)

40th – Marshall Bodenheimer – 17:21(38 sec PR)

54th – Haden Bray – 17:42  (52 sec PR)

70th – Mason Hancock – 18:07  (8 sec PR)


VARSITY GIRLS – No Team (out of  165 runners)

10th – Samantha Schott – 12:31


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