Gilmer Meet Recap

Gilmer Buckeye Invitational 2018 Meet Results –

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

It is not easy to get up early, only to punish your body by running. There is no crowd to cheer you on or awards given for those who commit to daily putting in the work, yet it is in those early morning runs and hot afternoon torture sessions that has gotten the SH cross country teams to continue to strive for greater success’. This past Saturday, 37 runners from SH traveled to Gilmer, for one last race before district.

To start the morning the Junior High girls, now with the addition of three new runners had enough for a team. They would be paced by the duo efforts of Blaire Bodenheimer and Claire Fielder, finishing in 5th and 8th places. And on their XC debut runners Ava Lewis and Kaylee Lewis, would show they are no rookies as they paced and pushed throughout the 2 mile course. The JH girls went on to earn 4th place as a team, and excited to get back out there for district and improve from there.

THe JH boys would be followed, as well making it their “team” debut. As Eighth grader Zen Estrella, recruited more lucky guys to join the team. Eighth grader Jaden Giddings would blaze through the course, add one more meet title to his collection, and pulling with him teammates to all run faster. As, teammates new and old would fight against the competition, as they raced their way to fifth place as a team.

As the day would continue, the races heated up. As the Varsity girls and boys would take to the line. For the Varsity girls race, Sophomore Samantha Schott would lead the way for SH as she chased down rival Kilgore, and earned 4th place. Finishing 20th would be Annabeth Hood, as she cut off a min and half from last year on the same course. And making her Varsity debut, freshmen Riley Johnson was able to not only race strong with teammates (Hood and Brooke Bagley), but metal , finishing 21st.

For Varsity boys race, it was a picture of years and years of hard work coming together. Going against Center, a regional competitor, the varsity boys were able to push together, take first as a team and beat the second place team (center) by 20 points. There was not one standout in this group for the Varsity boys, but a collection on blue checkered shots that never settled and bound together to take on the field and come out on top. This race, was huge in their quest for state.

As we neared the end of the day, the JV girls and JV boys were the last two races to take on. For the girls, senior Raygan Barnhill and freshmen Anabell Casimero would both finish in medal positions and finish in the top half of the field.

For the JV boys, after watching races all morning, their excitement was overwhelming. The team was led by freshmen Jordan Hodges, who would find himself fighting for the top five position, earning fourth as he crossed the line. The excitement would continue as the JV boys would ALL race better than ever, Saturday it meant something big to be a SH XC runner. Sophomore David McFatridge would cut MINUTES off his time from last year and past races and he wouldn’t be alone. Each and every JV guy runner would improve and not just in time, but in fight and confidence.

Overall, this past Saturday was a good day to be a SHXC runner. Beyond times and place, the little things are starting to make the big things happen. Cheering on runners before and after races, and owning the idea that TEAMWORK makes BIG things happen. And HARD WORK, does pay off if you do not give up. The runners will have off a week and then pick up OCT 9th, Back at Gilmer for the District Meet.

Special Thank you too-

Charlotte Kincy, Ali Robbinett, Kelsey Darby, and Alex Carron for coming to help cheer the runners on! Coach Billingslea for driving & everything else you do for us! Coach Dowell for helping to coach these kids. Parents for ALL you do (Know we CANT do it without you) !!! & the runners…who keep pushing, even when it is hard. And watching SH run around cheering on SH as they run IS THE BEST SIGHT, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. 

Official Results →

JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS – 4th as a team (out of 11) & 103 runners

5th – Blair Bodenheimer (14:48)

8th – Claire Fielder (15:06)

29th – Ava Lewis (16:49)

34th – Caylee Lewis (17:02)

56th – Addison Childers (17:46)

78th – Emma Foster (19:25)


JUNIOR HIGH BOYS – 5th as a team (out of 14) & 129 runners

1st – Jaden GIddings (12:15) *last year 14:00

21st – Zen Estrella (13:53) *last year 15:25

23rd – Wyatt McFadden (14:00)

51st – Brady Meyer (unattached 6th grader)

61st – Jace Jones (15:15) *last year 15:41

77th – Zane Decker (16:04)

88th- Connor Secord (16:40)


VARSITY GIRLS – no team & 86 runners

4th – Samantha Schott (13:24) *last year 14:30

20th – Annabeth Hood (14:45) * last year 16:10

22nd – Riley Johnson (14:48)

29th- Brooke Bagley (15:07)


VARSITY BOYS- 1st as a team (out of 10) & 96 runners

1st- Kalen Barlow (16:30) *last year 18:30

2nd- Austin Martin (16:41) *last year 18:27

9th – Marshall Bodenheimer (17:01) *last year 19:45

11th – Nick Bodenheimer (17:11) *last year 12:27 2 mile JH

12th- Caleb Hutcheson (17:23) *last year 19:40

16th – Haden Bray (17:49) *last year 18:20

21st- Mason Hancock (17:58) *lat year 19:02

30th – Craig Hunnicutt (18:42 *last year 20:02


JV GIRLS- no team & 36 runners

19th – Raygan Barnhill (16:51)

21st – Anabelle Casimero (17:06)


JV BOYS- (team totals unsure)

4th – Jordan Hodges (19:12)  *last year 13:26 2 mile JH

22nd – David McFatridge (20:57) *last year 23:44

26th- Cole Secord (21:09) *last year 15:22 2 mile JH

34th- Jose Delgallio (21:55)

36th- Jackson Perritt (22:10) *last year 16:28 2 mile JH

42nd- Aaron Milam (23:17) *PR was 25:25

52nd- Bryce Wallace (25:34) *PR was 30:02

54th- Dylan Barlow (25:44)


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