Pine Tree Meet Recap

Lear Park Meet Recap 2018-
Running is a tough sport, there is no way around it. If you expect it to be easy, well, in all honesty you probably won’t be very good. If you know running well, you probably understand that the mental battle is just as important, if not more important, then the physical one. An awesome quote that I saw the other day came from Eliud Kipchoge (Marathon WR Holder) saying:”It’s not about the legs, it’s about the heart and the mind”       -Greater Texas Track Club
This past Friday, the Spring Hill XC teams lined up at Lear Park at the Pine Tree XC meet, expecting to do great. However, greatness came not in the form of medals or plaques, but lessons.
For the Varsity boys, running once again in the open division against large and powerhouse distance schools, they would finish fifth as team out of eighteen schools. Lead once again by junior, Kalen Barlow, the Panthers fought through the humid morning and rugged course. He would be followed by sophomore, Marshall Bodenhimer, who would not only have his best run of the year, but prove that the Panther depth is strong.
Next up, were the Varsity girls as they took on district rivals and top performers as well. Yet, the weather and course would force runners not to have PR performances, sophomore Samantha Schott would prove nothing will hold her back, as she blazed her path to a fourth place finish. She would be accompanied by teammates, Annabeth Hood and Brooke Bagley, learning vital lessons from the race, as they near closer to their quest for a regional ticket.
And while success is great when it comes in the form of a trophy or medal, the success for this meet came in the form of runners winning, by simply finishing. Which happened in the boys JV race. The JV boys, who would run in the small school Varsity division, held their own as Carson Barnhill and Jordan Hodges would finish in the top ⅓ of pack. Yet, this team’s victory was watching one by one, SH runners finish and then circle back to join the Varsity boys cheering on runners whose quest was to finish. And through pain, heat, and more pain….together they finished, each and everyone. Together we train, together we fight to the end.
And then finally, ending the day of racing were the JV girls. Still learning to get their groove in high school running, Riley Johnson moved her way up to battle for 21st place, and Anabelle Casimero would mimic the attack finishing stronger than ever before.
At Lear, we raced and we learned. We saw runners achieve the impossible, and were reminded that without each other nothing is certain. To win you have to be willing to hurt, and that is why a team means everything.

Special Thank you to the runners for doing a service project after the races, and picking up trash at all the local parks!! And for Katie Billingslea for driving us all around and being so awesome with all the kids! And Coach Dowell and all the parents for your support and encouragement along the races! 
VARSITY BOYS (Open Division 5A/6A – 144 runners) 5th as a team
11th – Kalen Barlow – 17:44
17th – Marshall Bodenheimer – 17:59 (26 sec PR)
31st – Nick Bodenheimer – 18:33
36th – Caleb Hutcheson – 18:45
72nd- Austin Martin – 19:56
77th – Mason Hancock – 20:09
78th – Haden Bray – 20:14
88th – Craig Hunnicutt – 20:39

Varsity Girls (1A-4A Division – 143 runners)
4th – Samantha Schott – 12:57
47th- Annabeth Hood – 14:37
56th – Brooke Bagley – 15:06

JV Boys (Varsity Boys 1A-4A division – 153 runners) 11th as a team
39th – Carson Barnhill – 21:09
41st – Jordan Hodges – 21:13
80th – Jose Delgallio – 23:03
81st – Cole Secord – 23:03
98th – Jackson Perritt – 24:17
107th – David McFatridge – 25:16
110th- Aaron Miliam – 25:25
138th – Adriane Rodreuiez – 29:49
141st- Dylan Barlow – 29:49
142nd- Bryce Wallace – 30:07

JV GIRLS (JV Girls Division 1A-6A – 185 runners)
21st – Riley Johnson – 15:20
94th – Anabelle Casimero – 17:40

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