Tyler Lee Meet Recap

Tyler Lee Cross Country Classic Meet Recap-  

After nearly being rained out, and half the team getting into bed around 2:00am, the fact that the Panthers made it to Tyler was a feat! The Varsity boys arrived at the course, while darkness was around, yet along with 168 other determined runners they toed the line, waiting for the signal to GO! Sprinting onward for the first 75 meters, the panthers got into position. Coming out quick were Juniors Kalen Barlow and Austin Martin, while six other teammates would find themselves boxed in as the first turn rounded. However, as the raced played out the Panther runners’ powered through the mud, hills, and narrow trails. Most being forced to come from behind, while Barlow and Martin fought to keep their places. And with 300 meters left as the checkered shorts began to emerge out of the woods, the Panthers attacked and pushed together as they raced their way to a Sixth place finish overall, out of 21 teams. (In the 6A/5A Open Division)

Not long after the Varsity boys were able to celebrate, they began focusing on their teammates, the JV boys. And joining the JV boys this meet were Three Junior High runners. In a field of around 300 runners, eight Spring Hill panthers lined up, charging the front as the gun signaled the start. Quickly proving himself would be eighth grader Jaden Giddings, settling into the top pack. Following Giddings would be his other seven teammates, including Jordan Hodges entering in his first high school race of the season. Soon the runners would find themselves nearing the finish line, fans and teammates welcomed them alike, pushing them to run their best race, and most did. The JV boys would finish the meet in 17th place out of 21 teams from 1A-6A.

Joining two freshmen would be three seventh graders for the Lady Panthers, as they would line up against 170 other JV runners for the day. And for the girls, it would teamwork that would push them to the finish. Teaming up first would be the trio of Riley Johnson (9th), Blaire Bodenheimer (7th), and Claire Fielder (7th).  These three would pack together throughout the race, helping each of them finish in medal standing. While not far back would be the duo of Anabelle Casimero (9th) and Addison Childers (7th), both new to cross country and both aiming to better their times from the weeks past, they would end up doing much more than just running faster. They would push one another to be in the top 1/3 of the field and prove to themselves just how tough they each are.

To end the day, Spring Hill would finish by cheering on the Varsity girls as they raced against 135 other runners. Sophomore, Samantha Schott, who was using this race to gage her state ranking, would pace the Varsity girls. Running against the Regional champion and many other talented district and regional competitors, she would end the race earning the fifth place medal. This race not only allowed Schott, but teammates Annabeth Hood and Brooke Bagley to measure up and push themselves as the girls continue to improve and test themselves on a daily basis. All Varsity girls would end the day setting records and continuing to Build the Hill one stride at a time.

Over all the Spring Hill teams competed against many great runners and running schools .By forcing runners to run against bigger schools and older runners, they were given two options….give up and accept defeat OR rise to the occasion and know they are no different and race with the best. Thankfully, I coach exceptional runners, runners who get three – four hours of sleep the night before and still race their hearts out, and runners that don’t back down when stakes are raised. Spring Hill is blessed to have the privilege to watch on a daily basis some of the best in the state.

THANK YOU to our Bikers/Team Motivators for all your hard work on a daily basis, cheering on at practices and meets WITHOUT YALL IT WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE TO PUSH AS HARD AS WE PUSH!! Dylan Barlow, Taylor White, Bryce Wallace, & Aaron Milam!


THANK YOU to Ruston Bray, Bryce & Kristi Hunnicutt, Mr. Martin, and Suzanne Barlow for helping carpool @5:30am!! And Amy McFatridge for helping step in to ride the bus with the runners!! AND TO ALL THE PARENTS who keeps us going!! Thank you ALL!! AND Kelly Meyer for great pictures of the runners!

VARSITY BOYS- 6th as a TEAM (out of 21) in 5A/6A open division out of 168 runners

16th – Kalen Barlow (17:19) last week ran 17:42

23rd – Austin Martin (17:39) last week ran 18:36

46th- Nick Bodenhimer (18:17) last week ran 18:43

53rd -Marshall Bodenhimer (18:39)

75th – Haden Bray (19:03)

84th – Caleb Hutcheson (19:25)

98th – Mason Hancock (19:43)

112th – Craig Hunnicutt (20:03) last week ran 20:54


JV BOYS- 17th as a team (out of 26) out of 300 runners

7th – Jaden Giddings (18:59) *was taken out of team total due to being JH runner

50th – Jordan Hodges (20:31) first HS 5k race

138th – Cole Secord (22:39) last week ran 23:07

153rd – Jose Delgallio (22:56)

176th – Brady Meyer (23:36) *OUTSTANDING race! Taken out of team total due to being JH

185th – Jackson Perritt (23:55)

186th – Jace Jones (23:59)

210th  – David McFatridge (25:02) last week ran 25:50


JV GIRLS- not enough for team TOTAL of 170 runners

9th –Riley Johnson (14:00) last week ran 15:11

12th – Blaire Bodenheimer (14:17) last week ran 14:50 *was taken out of team total due to being JH runner

13th – Claire Fielder (14:18) last week ran 16:44 *was taken out of team total due to being JH runner

48th – Addison Childers (15:39) last week ran 16:09 *was taken out of team total due to being JH runner

54th – Anabelle Casimero (15:46) last week ran 18:16


VARSITY GIRLS – (not enough for team) out of 135 runners

5th – Samantha Schott (12:25) last week ran 13:07

44th – Annabeth Hood (13:25) last week ran 14:25

78th  – Brooke Bagley (14:31) last week ran  14:51 

http://www.my-finish.com/form.php?race_name=tylerlee18 (official results)


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