Letu Meet Recap

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LETU Meet Results 2018-

“I don’t go to the start line expecting to win. I go to the start

believing this could be the day when incredible things happen!”  -Ryan


The past few years have been like sitting on a beach, watching the

waves, as they build and build only to soon stand feet above the

ocean. You see at one point there was nothing more than a ripple in

the water.

This year, most of the same faces are back. The same goals are being

asked, yet the determination is stronger than ever. From first year

runners, to seasoned veterans, all the way to the newest of bike

members, you can certainly see that “Building the Hill”, is at work.

Which for most began the first week in June and through the hot summer

months of running together, hundreds of miles logged, and sting of the

seasons end for 2017…this year brings with it more than victory, but

to have NO REGRETS.

And to kick off the season running in the open 5A/6A division, the

Varsity boys did a clean sweep as they charged their way to victory

with: 1-5, 7, 8, and 13th places, earning them a perfect score of 15

to win. Following the Varsity boys race was a slew of other great

performances. For the Varsity girls, Samantha Schott ran away with

first, followed by teammate Annabeth Hood for 12th and Brooke Bagley

for 19th.

Leading right into the long day with eight more medals, and six other

top ten performances. Yet, it was more than places that stood out, but

the times as they dropped from years past. This team still have a lot

of work to do, and has room for growth, yet they are stronger, both

individually and together than ever before. And the evidence is clear

as all along the course, SH runners and bikers were seen cheering and

pushing to test the limits for one purpose…to “Build the Hill”. Next

week the XC team will travel to UT Tyler, facing some of East Texas

best runners.


VARSITY BOYS- 1st as a team

1st – Kalen Barlow (17:42) last year ran a 18:16

2nd – Austin Martin (17:36) last year ran 19:17

3rd- Nick Bodenhimer (18:43) last year JH and ran a 12:30 2 mile

4th- Marshall Bodenhimer (18:35) last year ran 19:58

5th- Caleb Hutcheson (18:46) last year ran 20:33

7th- Haden Bray (18:54) last year ran 19:57

8th – Mason Hancock (19:21) last year 20:33

13th – Craig Hunnicutt (20:54)

VARSITY GIRLS – (not enough for team)

1st – Samantha Schott (13:07) last year 13:30

12th – Annabeth Hood (14:25) last year 14:36

19th – Brooke Bagley (14:42)
JV BOYS- 6th as team

3rd – Carson Barnhill (20:14) last year 20:13

19th – Cole Secord (23:07) last year JH

41st- Jackson Perritt (23:42) last year JH 2 mile

70th  – David McFatridge (25:50) last year 26:24

106th – Adriane Rodriguez (30:14)

**Jose Delgallio didn’t finish due to falling ill, however ran

outstanding race for his debut!! (was about in 15th place when he had

to drop out with 400 meters left!!) Awesome job!!

JV GIRLS- not enough for team

2nd -Riley Johnson (15:11)

9th – Raygan Barnhill (16:36)

21st – Anabelle Casimero (18:16) new to running

JH BOYS- not enough for team

2nd – Jaden Giddings (12:33) last year 13:20

7th – Zen Estrella (13:26) last year 15:55

16th – Jace Jones (14:13) last year 15:12

unattached – Brady Myers (14:58)  new to running

JH GIRLS- not enough for team

3rd – Blaire Bodenhimer (14:50) last year 16:46

13th – Addison Childress (16:09) new to running

20th- Claire Fielder (16:44) new to running

More Complete Results –


New Bikers! Bryce Wallace & Aaron Milam (did outstanding cheering on

runners and leading the team!!!) & Taylor White (missed due to


Coach Billingslea for driving and helping Jose when needed!!

Coach Dowell for keeping Coach Alford in line and joining right in

with the team!!



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