Letu Twilight Relay Kick Off Race-

This past Saturday night (9/18) 25 Spring Hill runners embraced the 2018 XC season with a little twist. Running in the first ever 3×1 relay race, runners were paired up with another SH runner to test the waters of the 2018 season. Running against teams such as: Pine Tree, Hallsville, New Diana, Sabine, and  East Texas Christian School to name a few. Even though the race itself was a warm up and “scrimmage” for the SH runners (who will open there season September 1st at Letu), a lot great things were witnessed.

Leaving the night sweeping the boys division, with the first 3 teams to finish being SH (and one ETCS runner who was paired with a SH runner). And most of the other SH teams not far behind for the boys. For the girls, they continued to build and strengthen, despite missing a few. Runners also saw what all summer has been building for…strength and teamwork. As runners, dominated the course the further they went and stride by stride the constant support and encouragement for all runners wearing the blue and white was shown. All summer the miles have been building, runners have been pushing and challenging one another. This team that is about to be unleashed, has put in more work than anyone could imagine. Often times their work goes unseen. Spring Hill, get ready because these runners are about to BUILD THE HILL in some mighty ways.  

This season will be all about how far can WE go. BUILDING TOGETHER STRIDE BY STRIDE.

**Official Results will be up soon**


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