Gladewater Track MEETS!!!


This week we will be traveling for both (JH & HS) to Gladewater for our track meets.

The JH meet will be hosted on THURSDAY (3/1/18), THERE WILL BE NO FIELD EVENTS and the meet will begin as soon as possible from the coaches scratch meeting (start around 3:00pm-3:15pm with the 7th grade girls 2400 meter run. hey will begin with Field Events & shortly around 4pm will beign the 2400 meter run.

The HS meet will be hosted on FRIDAY (3/2/18), and begin @1pm. Starting with Field Events & the 3200 meter run starting @1:30pm. Order will be (Varsity Girls, JV boys, Varsity Boys).

**Unattached Runners for both JH/HS will wear a blue arm band, they will still run with everyone and be able to get in a good race and time, however they will not be counted for points/medals. Those running unattached are not in the top (3) running the event for that particular meet, however each week will change and every runner will be reevaluated for the next meet. By doing this, it is just assuring that all the runners putting in the time will have a chance to get in races. We will only be able to do this for meets that have agreed to allow unattached runners. ALL RUNNERS WILL KNOW BY THE MONDAY THE WEEK OF IF THEY ARE RUNNING OR NOT. 

JH (mid/distance runners entered into the meet) –>JH meet entries for Gladewater 2018

HS (mid/distance runners entered into the meet) –> HS MEET ENTRIES FOR GLADEWATER 2018


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