The only sad thing about the Christmas season leaving, is the reality that TRACK season is near!! We are now only SEVEN WEEKS away from our High Schoolers kicking off the season at PINE TREE & then only EIGHT WEEKS away from the JH kicking off the season! GET EXCITED!!!

A couple of things to note as we near this time of the year:

  1. JH 7th/8th girls & 7th boys (MID / DIS) will workout in the mornings (Starting around 7:45am, and going until about 8:30, you will start meeting at these times when basketball season is over.
  2. HS girls/guys NOT is basketball & 8th grade boys NOT in basketball have already begun training. We will continue to workout 8th period, until about 4:30pm most days.
  3. HS girls/guys IN basketball & 8th grade boys IN basketball will begin working out at the conclusion of basketball season for their level. They will then pick up with the others 8th period.
  4. MAKE sure you are apart of the group messages, we will practice some on the weekends for group runs/workouts for those who are able too. & as well for other team announcements that come up (this is for JH & HS runners & parents) contact coach Alford if you need to be included:
  5. MOST weight days will be MON/WED for the season, some might differ due to Meet dates. (on weight days runners will go till about 4:30-4:45 depending). *For those in last period athletics.
  6. NON weight days runners will do their scheduled run & then have strides/hill sprints & Hurdle/Med ball drills after, and will be done around 4:00-4:15.
  7. If a runner has multiple sports, the coaches will workout a schedule to ensure the athlete will be able to get everything in and not be short changed either way. (Example: Softball/baseball & track or Soccer & track)
  8. It will be COLD some days, make sure you have a good pair of  gloves & pants/sweat shirt in your lockers on standby just in case it sneaks up while your in school…make sure we stay warm!!
  9. Uniforms will be handed out MID Jan & will be your responsibility until the end of the season (KEEP UP WITH IT).
  10. BEST PART ABOUT THIS SPORT IS YOUR GET OUT OF IT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT…ONLY WAY TO GET BETTER IS TO RUN!!! If you want to be good and have goals, trust the plan and don’t skip out on your weekend runs, when you don’t run it is noticeable, if you want to be good the only thing holding you back is you!! COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!! Message coach about your weekend runs this can help ensure your training plan is best for you.

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