Regional Recap 2017-

This past Monday, the SH Cross Country teams traveled to Joe Pool Lake to compete in the Region II, Cross Country Championships. With only four out of the nine lining up returning, this young team had in reality little pressure. Yet, for all nine this race had been a goal since May. And it meant far more than a chance  to go to go state, it was race to prove to themselves and others just how hard they have worked and come over the past seven months.

The first race of the early morning was the Varsity girls, and after gettting great positioning, freshmen Samantha Schott and Sophomore Marissa Seyer, both would sit in the top 30 in a field of over 100 runners. Cruising past the mile marker, and into the last 800 meters it would be Schott, who would come around first around 25th place. Yet, through her competitive nature and a few solid weeks of training under her belt, Schot was able to push past five to earn the 20th place spot, four places shy of advancing to state and only 2 seconds away! Following Schott, Seyer would come to cross the line 81st, 30 spots ahead from where she finished last year and 20 seconds better. Both girls competed strong and finished up a successful year, falling short of the final race, but gained lessons that will carry them further in the future.

Following the girls race, was the Varsity boys race. Aiming for state, PRs, and better finishes seven guys lined up ready to end their season on a high note. Going out fast a field of over 150 runners would all chase down the dream of state. Getting out and boxed in, for the top five guys it would soon be noted this race was not going to be easy. Coming in with the fastest two times from a strong district, the top two runners, Sophomores Austin Martin and Kalen Balow would find themselves crossing the finish at 38th and 82nd, followed by teammates Haden Bray (90th), freshmen Caleb Hutcheson (95th), and sophomore Mason Hancock (99th), who would cross the finish line limping as a severe muscle cramp would hinder his last 800 meters down the finish line. And too round out the seven runners, would be freshmen Marshall Bodenhimer (116th), who battled the entire race, moving up over 20 places to earn a PR for the season! And sophomore, Craig Hunnicutt, who after getting tangled up and falling during mile two would get back up and still make it to finish strong and help the team bump up in the rankings for the final standing, finishing as a team 12th place out of 24 teams and ensuring they are the best team in the district, by beating out rival Kilgore by two spots.

To sum it up, this team has come a long way and learned more than they realised about themselves and team this season. Constantly setting personal bests, moving up in rankings, and learning that their strength comes from the strength of their team. It is sad, yet exciting to say this season is now over. And while most would be excited for a well deserved break, this team was hurt, because they weren’t finished. Yet, this will be just one more reason that this group will come back stronger next year, and in track season. The work we do is often never witnessed by many, yet mark our words…soon it’s coming and everyone will see that SH CC is becoming one of the best!

….Now for a short break and then track!

VARSITY GIRLS- 180 runners total

20th – Samantha Schott 12:23 (21 second PR)

81st- Marissa Seyer 13:19 (20 seconds better than last year on same course, 5 seconds off PR)

VARSITY BOYS0 12th as a TEAM, out of 24 teams (up two from last year)

38th- Austin Martin 17:43 (43 seconds better than last year & 25 places better)

82nd- Kalen Barlow 18:37 (8 seconds better than last year & 3 places better)

90th- Haden Bray 18:45 (PR for the season BY 14 seconds & first time on course)

95th- Caleb Hutcheson 18:54 (PR for the season BY 15 seconds & first time on course)

99th- Mason Hancock 18:58 (35 seconds better than last year & 13 places better

116th- Marshall Bodenhimer 19:29 (first time on course)

122nd- Craig Hunnicutt 19:35 (first time on course)


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