District Meet Recap

District Meet Recap-

We started a journey for this season 136 days ago. The Monday after school let out in May, runners were already seeking out district and the dreams to be achieved. We knew it would be hard and tiring, and that there would be bumps along the way, yet we never envisioned the season that would unfold, and the meet that would define us all.

Yesterday, October 11th, 40 runners would put on the Spring Hill Cross Country uniform and line up on the starting line. Having overcome bad races, tough workouts, and coachless for a good part of the season, they lined to run and fight for the team who has never given up on them. Across the board, runners had learned over the season, just what it means to “press on”. And they did. Bringing home 13 top ten individual medals, 2 second place plaques, one 1st place victory as a team, and 5 individual qualifiers for regionals and one team,  you could feel the excitement in the air.

Starting off the day were the Varsity girls, two short of making a team, they would fight their way to the top, all finishing in the top 20. And with two personal best finishes, Samantha Schott (freshmen, 4th place) and Marissa Seyer (sophomore, 8th place) would  run their way punching in their own tickets to regionals. While, also freshmen Annabeth Hood, would end her season with her best varsity finish, and experience ready for next year!

Following the girls, was the Varsity boys, whose eyes were on one team, Kilgore. Pacing the pack would be Sophmore duo, Kalen Barlow and Austin Martin for the first two miles. And up until that point SH was in trouble, but then something great happened in the last mile. Martin and Barlow would then pull away, and finish about 100 meters in front of third place. (Martin would end up finishing 1st and Barlow 2nd) The remaining SH runners would make up ground in the last mile, and show the district the heart and fight of SHCC, as Mason Hancock would come around finishing 5th, followed by teammates Caleb Hutcheson and Craig Hunnnicutt, all three setting personal best by an average of 35 seconds! The team would go on to earn 2nd place as a team, falling short of 1st by only 4 points to Kilgore, allowing them to qualify as a team to regionals.

Next, would be both the JV races. For the girls, they would be paced by sophomore Tierney Skogen and Freshmen Peyton Borens, who would finish 11th and 12th. Skogen would push through the race holding her ground, while Borens made up huge ground to earn her a top 15 finish.

Then for the guys the story was quite different. Missing two key runners, the JV boys knew they were in for a tough battle. Yet, with the help of freshmen Colton Goettle, who would lead from the start and end up winning the meet by 200 meters! He would be joined by teammates: Walker Holt (5th) and Dylan Barlow (9th), Brian Vaca (18th), and David McFatridge (24th), who would all run personal best to help their team earn 2nd place!!

Ending the day were the JH girls and boys races. For the girls, one runner short of making a team they would go on to run having all four finish with personal best for the season, and one 2nd place finish (Riley Johnson). For these girls, running without a team was tough, but all season long they continued to run hard and ultimately finish with pride as they never gave up.

Then lastly was the final race of the day. And from the gun, it was a sea of blue in the lead. And at the mile marker, it was five SH in a mix of eight runners. Finally, after mile one, Nick Bodenhimer and Joesph Egbe would pull away from the back to finish 1st and 2nd respectively, followed by teammates Jaden Giddings (4th) and Jordan Hodges (9th) who would round out the top ten spots. However, not to be overlooked by the slew of SH runners who would continue to run and cross the finish line setting personal records and continuing to fight till the end. Which would round out with 7th Grader Zachary Schott, who would join the team late in the season, but would be seen finishing with a crew of SH runners from Varsity to JH to bring him across the finish line. These young runners would go on to earn 1st as a team, topping strong district Team Gladewater.

In recap, this season has been long. Its been a struggle, and its been a challenge for us all. Yet, yesterday watching runners run with heart and then run again with others to cheer them on, proved what running is all about. It is about pushing past the long runs and hard days, overcoming struggles that come your way, and it’s about overcoming challenges when they arise. And for the 2017 CC season, looking back on those 136 days, I think we would all do them again. Because those are the days that built this team, great things dont come in an instant, they take time and hard work. And if you’re strong enough to last and press on…it will be worth it in the end. Greatness is the heartbeat of our team, now and as we continue to move on to regional. Let the days keep moving on!
VARSITY GIRLS- (no team)

Sam Schott- 12:54 (36 sec PR) *Regional Qualifier 4th place

Marissa Seyer- 13:12 (21 sec PR) *Regional Qualifier 8th place

Annabeth Hood- 14:47 20th place


VARSITY BOYS- 2nd as a TEAM & Regional Qualifier Team (missed 1st by 4pts)

Austin Martin- 17:36 (PR & 54 sec season best) 1st place

Kalen Barlow- 17:44,  2nd place

Mason Hancock- 18:15 (PR, 47 sec season best) 5th place

Caleb Hutcheson- 19:09 (31 sec PR) 15th place

Craig Hunnicutt- 19:14 (54 sec PR) 16th  place

Marshall Bodenhimer- 19:41, 22nd  place

Haden Bray- 20:12, 26th place



Tierney Skogen- 15:56, 11th place

Peyton Borens- 16:12, 12th place

Hannah Yoder- 16:54 (1 sec pr) 18th place

Katie Johnson- 17:54 (1 min 9 sec season best) 22nd place

Lexie Jones- 19:21, 33rd place


JV BOYS- 2nd as a team

Colton Goettle- 19:54 (26 sec PR) 1st place

Walker Holt- 20:42 (2 min and 20 sec PR) 5th place

Dylan Barlow- 21:18 (personal best) 9th place

Brain Vaca- 23:12 (1 min 16 sec personal best) 18th place

David McFatridge- 23:31 (12 sec pr) 24th place

Adrinne Rodriguez- 24:15

Joe Saenz- 25:31 (41 sec pr)


JH Girls- (not enough for team)

Riley Johnson- 14:30 (32 sec season best) 2nd place

Haleigh Yoder- 15:46 (43 sec personal best) 11th place

Blythe Davis- 17:58 (1 min 18 sec personal best) 22nd place

Erin Hunnicutt- 23:40 (50 sec PR)


JH Boys- 1st as team (4th year in a ROW!!)

Nick Bodenhimer- 12:11 (16 sec PR) 1st place

Joseph Egbe- 12:32 (1 min 12 sec PR) 2nd place

Jaden Giddings- 12:49 (22 sec PR)   4th place

Jordan Hodges- 12:59, 7th place

Cason Owens- 13:20 (36 sec PR) 19th place

Jace Jones- 13:58 (46 sec PR) 23rd place

Sam Lepire- 14:11, 24th place

Jackson Perritt- 14: 18 (52 sec PR) 25th place

Jake Seymour- 14:25 (1 min 5 sec PR) 28th place

Zen Estrella- 14:48 (36 sec pr) 29th place

Cole Secord- 14:58 (34 sec season best) 34th place

Chris A. – 15:02

Zachary Schott- 21:10


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