District Meet Recap

**More Conclusive and informative recap will be up tomorrow**

District Meet Recap-

VARSITY GIRLS- (no team)
Sam Schott- 12:54 (36 sec PR) *Regional Qualifier 4th place
Marissa Seyer- 13:12 (21 sec PR) *Regional Qualifier 8th place
Annabeth Hood- 14:47 20th place

VARSITY BOYS- 2nd as a TEAM & Regional Qualifier Team (missed 1st by 4pts)
Austin Martin- 17:36 (PR & 54 sec season best) 1st place
Kalen Barlow- 17:44,  2nd place
Mason Hancock- 18:15 (PR, 47 sec season best) 5th place
Caleb Hutcheson- 19:09 (31 sec PR) 15th place
Craig Hunnicutt- 19:14 (54 sec PR) 16th  place
Marshall Bodenhimer- 19:41, 22nd  place
Haden Bray- 20:12, 26th place

Tierney Skogen- 15:56, 11th place
Peyton Borens- 16:12, 13th place
Hannah Yoder- 16:54 (1 sec pr) 18th place
Katie Johnson- 17:54 (1 min 9 sec season best) 22nd place
Lexie Jones- 19:21, 33rd place

JV BOYS- 2nd as a team
Colton Goettle- 19:54 (26 sec PR) 1st place
Walker Holt- 20:42 (2 min and 20 sec PR) 5th place
Dylan Barlow- 21:18 (personal best) 9th place
Brain Vaca- 23:12 (1 min 16 sec personal best) 18th place
David McFatridge- 23:31 (12 sec pr)
Adrinne Rodriguez- 24:15
Joe Saenz- 25:31 (41 sec pr)

JH Girls- (not enough for team)
Riley Johnson- 14:30 (32 sec season best) 2nd place
Haleigh Yoder- 15:46 (43 sec personal best) 11th place
Blythe Davis- 17:58 (1 min 18 sec personal best) 22nd place
Erin Hunnicutt- 23:40 (50 sec PR)

JH Boys- 1st as team (4th year in a ROW!!)
Nick Bodenhimer- 12:11 (16 sec PR) 1st place
Joseph Egbe- 12:32 (1 min 12 sec PR) 2nd place
Jaden Giddings- 12:49 (22 sec PR)   4th place
Jordan Hodges- 12:59, 8th place
Cason Owens- 13:20 (36 sec PR) 19th place
Jace Jones- 13:58 (46 sec PR) 23rd place
Sam Lepire- 14:11, 24th place
Jackson Perritt- 14: 18 (52 sec PR) 25th place
Jake Seymour- 14:25 (1 min 5 sec PR) 28th place
Zen Estrella- 14:48 (36 sec pr) 29th place
Cole Secord- 14:58 (34 sec season best) 34th place
Chris A. – 15:02
Zachary Schott- 21:10


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