Lear Park & Gilmer Meet Recaps

Lear Park Recap-

It was another Hot and Humid race for the SHCC teams as they competed this past Friday at Lear Park, against hundreds of runners from all across East Texas. Bribed with the traditional Pizza King lunch, 28 runners and bikers would set up camp and then prepare to get the job done. However, in running one must learn that every race isn’t going to be your best, sometimes bad races happen. And as any seasoned runner will tell you, it isn’t always the Personal Best runs that define you, but the bad. Because it is in those races and how you deal with them, that prepare and define the runner you truly are. And for handful, that was the lesson taught at Lear. And for others….they rose to the occasion and filled in the gaps, setting Personal Best and once again reminding the SH team, that we are in this together. And together they were, from the Open Division boys to the JV girls race, all along side the course you could see Spring Hill runners and bikers alike cheering on their teammates to FIGHT and RUN with all they have. Ending the day with two top ten finishers (Kalen Barlow, in the Open Division with 7th place and a personal best of 17:06 for the 5k course) and (Annabeth Hood, in the JV Open girls division with 8th place), and many lessons learned.

OVER-ALL RESULTS–> http://www.my-finish.com/form.php?race_name=hallsville2017

Boys Varsity Open Division (138 total runners from 1A-6A)
Kalen Barlow 17:06 7th

Boys Varsity 1A-4A (5th out of 20 teams And 161 runners)
Austin Martin- 18:31 17th (beat last years time by 24 seconds)
Marshall Bodenhimer- 19:16 37th
Mason Hancock- 19:37 42nd (beat last year by 18 seconds)
Carson Barnhill- 20:02 54th
Craig Hunnicutt- 20:03 56th (beat last year by 1 min and 33 seconds)
Caleb Hutcheson- 20:08 59th
Colton Goettle- 20:19 63rd
Brody Barnhill- 21:05 73rd
Hayden Bray- 22:02 94th
Adrine Rodriguez- 23:25 114th
Walker Holt- 23:55 127th
Drew Bassett- 24:00 128th
David McFatridge- 24:18 129th
Brian Vaca- 24:41 135th
Joe Saechz- 26:18 150th

Girls Varsity (196 total runners 1A-4A)
Marissa Seyer- 13:33 27th
Sam Schott- 14:04 41st

Junior Varsity Girls ( 5th out of 17 schools And 186 runners)
AnnaBeth Hood- 14:44 8th
Tierney Skogen- 15:00 20th
Peyton Borens- 16:03 45th
Lexie Jones- 16:29 63rd
Hannah Yoder- 16:55 81st
Nicole Trussell- 17:18 89th
Kaitryn Johnson- 19:03 135th

Gilmer JH Meet Recap-

Unable to sleep in, after the exciting victory from Varsity Football defeating White Oak, the JH CC runners were up bright and early Saturday morning to compete in the Gilmer JH CC meet, hosted at Gilmer Elementary. Finally able to run in the cool morning, the JH girls and Boys were joined with 5 Varsity CC members to compete with 7th and 8th grade runners from all across East Texas. Yet, rocky footing and higher than normal temperatures would force the runners to adapt and compete. For the JH girls with most being gone to Volleyball, only two runners would take the line. And as 8th grader Riley Johnson would race to earn the top 10 medal, it was evident who SHCC was, and what they came to accomplish. Then for boys, after coming off with a second place finish from their last meet, the bar was set. Yet, with over 22 teams in the race, from 1A-6A, as well as Private and homeschool runners, the competition was stacked. But that did not stop the young runners from attacking each stride and racing hard. Allowing many to finish with personal records and some to find out that they could do it, and no matter what, even at the end with nothing left and teammates on both sides, they would discover there is always more than you think and your never alone. Runners would run the 2 mile course, which was quite torn up from Hogs and represent SH and prove that hardwork, teamwork, and heart go along way in achieving things. Results for Team awards have yet to be posted.

**Runners from JH & HS will compete this Saturday @Katy Ranch

JH Girls Results (175 total runners)
Riley Johnson- 14:10 10th place
Erin Hunnicutt- 22:30 142nd

JH Boys Results- (183 runners)
Nick Bodenhimer- 12:27 10th
Joseph Egbe- 13:13 18th
Jordan Hodges- 13:26 24th
Jaden Giddings- 14:00 36th
Cason Owens- 14:03 40th
Sam Lepire- 14:26 56th
Chris Arredondo- 14:52 72nd
Cole Secord- 15:22 92nd
Zen Estrella- 15:25 93rd
Jace Jones- 15:41 98th
Jackson Perritt- 16:08 108th
Zachary Schott- 20:12 175th


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