Roster LeTu Meet

Backwoods Gallup @Letu 9/2/2017
**As stated at the beginning of the season, teams will be moved around until PT (where we will all run as Varsity) and District (when teams will be finalized). Note many things go into changes. Keep your uniforms for now that you race in no changes will be made right now. They are all a 5k, you are all running for your team, and SH. Nothing changes that, you all do the same work.

VARSITY BOYS- race @10:00am
Kalen Barlow
Austin Martin
Haden Bray
Craig Hunnicutt
Colton Goettle
Marshall Bodenhimer
Caleb Hutcheson

JV Blue & White (in no order): race @11:00am
Drew Bassett
Brody Barnhill
Carson Barnhill
Adrine R.
Walker Holt
Mason Hancock
Joe Saenz
David McFatridge
Florres #2

VARSITY GIRLS- race @10:30
Marissa Seyer
Samantha Schott

JV GIRLS-race @ 11:30
Annabeth Hood
Jaden James
Tierney Skogen
Peyton Borens
Nicole Trussell
Katie Johnson
Lexie Jones

Anna Hammer

JH BOYS- race @ 12:00pm
Nick Bodenhimer
Jordan Hodges
Jackson Perritt
Jace Jones
Cason Owens
Jake Seymour
Joseph Egbe
Chris Arredondo
Zen Estralla
Jaden Giddins (riding with dad to race, due to baseball)
Cole Secord

JH Girls- race @12:30pm
Riley Johnson
Haleigh Yoder
Halee Bray
Erin Hunnicutt
Natalie Fisher

*Blair Bodenhimer (unattached)


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