Week of: Aug 21st to Aug 27th

**ALL runners after practice WILL have breakfast to eat upon the conclusion of CC practice.  If you are in Fall/Vball you will go straight to your sport when finished, and ALL those not, will have about an hour to get ready and/or do HW before school begins. JH will open around 7:40 and the HS will open its doors at 7:45am.

7th/8th guys you will be able to get ready if you choose from your locker in the JH Fieldhouse (Coach Bondurant will help with if you do not have one).

HS guys will be able to change and get ready in their locker in the HS (Coach Bondurant will help you get one on the first day) (We will be ending each practice around 7:30)

7th/8th girls will get ready in the HS girls CC locker-room. They will stay there until 7:45 and then can either head to the JH locker room, or school if they need too.

HS girls will get ready in the HS locker room and can go into the school starting at 7:45am (We will be ending each practice around 7:30)  

****Those still in need of uniforms will get them (MONDAY for JH girls) (TUESDAY for all HS) (WEDNESDAY for jh boys)*****

MONDAY –> 1st day of School NO MORNING PRACTICE (8th period girls/boys HS athletics need to bring clothes to run in. You will run during 8th Period)

8th period- RUN / get lockers

TUESDAY–> Meet @ the shed BY @6:15 (we will begin @6:15) if you come late, look to the mirror on the right as soon as you walk in to catch up with us.

8th period- weights / core

WEDNESDAY–> Meet @ the shed BY @6:15am

8th period- DOUBLE + core

THURSDAY–> Meet @ the shed BY @6:15am

8th period- weights / core


8th period- pre race workout

SATURDAY2017 UNION GROVE MEET LETTER AUGUST 26TH (look at meet letter for info)

**Note for Saturday, they have done away with the JH races, so any JH who will run (and for boys who can do a 5k) will run with the JV. I will be talking with kids next week starting Tuesday. List for travelers will be posted soon.


JH/HS girls – easy 4 mile shake out

HS guys- easy 6 mile shake out/recovery


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