Thinking Ahead for College…

Spring Hill Cross Country COLLEGE FORM  (print off and use)

Spring Hill Cross Country

Future Recruit Checklist


First off, I hope every runner knows they have the opportunity to become something great. No, it doesn’t just come to you, it is something that builds year after year and mile after mile in the hard work YOU put in, alongside your team. When you enter into the SHCC program your 7th grade yea, not many of you (if any) are considering running beyond HS. Yet, that is where you are wrong. In fact you are making it possible to one day give your older self the opportunity. And so from 7th to 8th grade, you job is to learn to fall in love with running, over and over again. Enjoy your teammates and become a family.

And it will be that family you have developed that will help you soon chase your goals into the future.


I started out three years ago, really looking into what Colleges and Universities wanted in athletes, and the truth is everyone is different. However, they are all collectively the same in PROACTIVE athletes ACTIVLY pursuing their university. And to do that, you need begin working on the following:



  1. Develop a list of 5-10 Colleges you would like to attend. (These can change, and will dwindle down)
  2. Maintain YOUR GRADES. Depending on the College generally the higher the GPA, the more you stand out.
  3. Take the PSAT, SAT, and ACT as many times as you need to earn your highest score (the higher, the better it helps with Scholarships, when athletic runs dry)
  4. Email and contact coaches.



  1. Focus on grades.
  2. Find your groove on the team and in school, don’t just take easy classes!
  3. Begin earning service hours, life will get busier as your get older so take advantage of these years.
  4. Make a list of 5-10 colleges, after looking into them, and write them down, keeping the list close as a MOTIVATION.
  5. Begin making a list of

1) All your accomplishments/PRs 2) all clubs/activities you’re involved in 3) Keep both lists close           by and constantly updated.



  1. Re look at your list, and see if you need to change anything.
  2. Take ACT/SAT.
  3. Make a list of all your PRs and type out a letter to send to colleges including: test scores, involvement, racing history and PRs, and WHY you WANT TO ATTEND THEIR UNIVESITY. Keep it informative, but simple and brief. (COPY TO COACH)
  4. Begin sending E-mails to the coaches of the schools on your list, not many just let them aware you EXISIST.
  5. At the end of the year, give Coach Alford a list of your top (5) schools to attend & schedule a meeting to discuss your goals.



  1. Retake ACT/SAT if needed.
  2. Contact at least (1) school once a week with Updates. & BCC Coach Alford
  3. Find times for the schools you’re wanting and see what it is going to take.
  4. Narrow down the list by going on recruiting trips to look at schools, or contact the coach about one. (Alford can help)
  6. If you have decided to run in college, fill out the NCAA CLEARING HOUSE information.




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