CC INFO for NEW runners

2017 Cross Country INFO to handout at registration

2017 Cross Country INFO


What is Cross Country?-

CC for JH (Boys & Girls) and HS girls, consist of a 2 mile race. For HS Boys the race changes      to a 5k (3.1 miles). Races generally are on Saturdays, we will leave from SH early in the        Morning, race, and usually are back to SH around noon. The races take place anywhere from: pastures, parks, around schools, to the woods, and anywhere in-between.


When do you practice for Cross Country?-

Practices for CC will be held on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, &            THURSDAY’s       starting           @6:15am- around 7:30am. We meet at the Shed (old Weight room by the JH fieldhouse), and                      runners drop off all their things there. After the run, they will have access to locker       rooms (7th/8th boys in the JH fieldhouse), (7th/8th girls either in HS or JH locker-room), &       ALL HS will have a locker in the HS locker rooms. Then for those not in another sport, I             work (weights/core/form) with them during their athletic period as well. Either 1st or 8th.

*Breakfast will be given as well to all runners when they finish, before they         either go           get ready or head to Volleyball/Football.


Can you RUN CC and still plan another Sport?-

YES! Running CC has proven to help and be a great benefit for many other sports. (Soccer, Basketball offseason, exc.)  Many current, and former runners have been very           successful doing multiple sports. YOU WILL NOT PRACTICE ON GAME DAYS for YOUR OTHER        SPORT.  And the same goes for those using the workouts generally (Tues/Thurs) for their             offseason training, we have witnessed    many seeing great benefits from that as well. And       for those, they are welcome to just come to the workouts,           without going to any meets.


Where Can I find out More info and Happenings with the Team?-

-We have a team website (WWW.runthepack.ORG), where I will post:                                 (weekly schedules, reminders, updates, race results, and team gatherings.) and

-We have TEAM group messages through the GROUPME AP to help with any questions, exc.            There is ONE for: JH PARENTS, HS PARENTS, JH BOYS, JH GIRLS, HS         GIRLS, and HS BOYS. I am            in each to monitor the groups. They are really good with          meeting for group runs, needing rides, and other things. TO BE IN THE GROUP,             Please ensure Coach Alford has both the           Parents & runners phone numbers to put them in the group. You can E-mail her if needed.

-Cross Country Facebook Page (Spring Hill XC and Distance). For photos, sign-ups           exc.

-email Coach Alford (


What do you need to Run Cross Country?-

A good pair of running shoes (we can help you find the best ones for you runners), a watch          (as long as it has a star, timer, and a stop button) that is all that is needed, and a water            bottle…they are set! We will hand out Uniforms shortly after school gets going, and a bag        (which they will return after the season), and we will be ordering new Team shirts, which the whole family can purchase and they are yours to keep!


If interested, and you have not spoken with Coach Alford please send her an email to help you become a part of the family!

(Schedule is on the back, and we can work around all conflicts except District)


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