Week of July 24-30

BIG WEEK!! And with that there are a few minor changes to work around so the schedule is a little different this week.

#1–> SINGN up for those who can help at the Hot Air Balloon fundraiser for the 28th (FRIDAY NIGHT from 4pm-11pm)…we will provide plenty of entertainment 🙂 & dinner is provided.

#2–> Please sign up if you can come to the KICK off Party at the Alfords home SUDNAY (July 30th) & if you can help bring something…A WHOLE FAMILY EVENT, SO BRING EVERYONE!

#3- If you are in band/pacesetter/cheer you do not have to attend practice. EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS IN TWON NEEDS TO START COMING…MANDATORY IS COMING SOON AUG 7th…if it is a light day and you can fit it in please try and get in your run


MONDAY- @7am at the Shed  (warm up + threshold + cool down) + weights

TUESDAY- @7am at the Shed (3-5 mile hill run) ((HS do a PM run 3 miles) + weights

WEDNESDAY- On your own (HS guys 4-6 miles med + core) (HS GIRLS/JH 3-4.5 miles med + core)

THURSDAY- @6:30am at the shed (LONG RUN, due to fundraiser) + core

FRIDAY- off/ or on your own (3-5 miles Med + core)   **FUNDRAISER 4pm-11pm**

SATURDAY- On your own (either 5k up, up, and away race OR (WU + 2-4 mile tempo)

SUNDAY- off/ or on your own (3-5 miles Med + core)  **KICK OFF PARTY**


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