Week of June 5th- 11th *Updated*

What an AWESOME start of the summer we have already had here in SH, America! Tons of young and returning runners have been taking the streets and logging in their miles! We have already:

  •  had our 1st POOL workout (which was great to see, you don’t just have to run to get in a good workout!, & of course playing in the pool after with all your teammates and friends is always a plus!).
  • had our 1st SUMMER LONG run session (well it was more of a trail run, mixed in with a little mud run!) But it was great!
  • And tonight we are having the 1st team bonding GUYS night filled with Burgers, fun, and fellowship for all the guys and dads to enjoy!

It is easy to say, memories are already being made and improvements are happening each day, as well as adding new runners pretty regularly…It’s hard not to question what is going on with Cross Country at SH! We know how to have fun as a family, from parents to the runners…we train hard, don’t get us wrong, BUT we know how to have a good time.

**also for anyone interested there is a Running camp in Longview this upcoming week, provided by a SH resident**

Just a reminder that the 2017 Cross Country Coaches Association of Texas Clinic will be June 16 & 17 at the Marriott Resort in New Braunfels. You can now register through the website: http://cccat.org/Webpages/membership%202016-2.html .

2017 Summer Running Camp

Here is the Schedule for this weeks SH Running–>                                                           ***MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGING YOUR MILES***

Sunday (june 4th)–> OFF or easy 2-3 miles + CORE (you have a list)

MONDAY–> Group will be Lead by HS runners, meeting @8am for those in town and can meet with the group. Lifting will be after 🙂

TUESDAY–> @7:30am in White Oak Pinick Park (meet by picnic Tables) *finished around 8:30am **If you cannot make it in the morning, you can join Longview Running Club at Cargill Long Park @6:45pm **

WEDNESDAY–> OFF on your schedule (If needed you can trade with Sunday Run June 11th )

THURSDAY–> Shed  will open at 9:00am-12pm for runners to come get in a weight workout/core (HS this is important!!) RUN: we will MEET @MiCasita @5:45PM off McAnn to join with Longview running club for their TACO run (bring money for TACOS after, if you can make it a family event :))   **TACO THURSDAY**  If you need help with a ride, please ASK!!!! We have plenty to help take kids 🙂

Friday –> POOL workout @PT pool at 1:30-2:30pm workout (we will meet there), and then they can play in the pool after if they want 🙂

Saturday –> LONG RUN @Borman Trail (loop 281 Trailhead) @7:30am ((ALL ARE WELCOME, RUNNERS GOING 3-7miles)

SUNDAY –> On your own, stick to running schedule


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