recap Parent meeting

2017 CROSS COUNTRY PARENT MEETING (outline of meeting)

KEY THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT CROSS COUNTRY 2017 parent meeting   (highlights)

2017 cross country schedule TBA   (schedule as of now)

SPRING HILL CROSS COUNTRY info form  (need for the season turned in)



  1. Introduce Myself, and other Coaches & Ensure All athletes and Parents have signed in    


  1. Explain How CC works in JH (two practices per week to be allowed to attend meets)
    1. Monday & Wednesday’s
    2. And how it works with overlapping sports


  • Explain How CC works in HS (attend MIN three practices a week to be allowed to attend meets)
    1. Varsity MUST attend ALL mornings UNLESS you have told Coach Alford Beforehand
    2. Must attend 90% to stay on varsity.
    3. JV can do workouts during 8th period, however Varsity must also get in CORE and WEIGHTS. à If you quit you will not be allowed to go to your next sport until the last race.
    5. 6:15AM (WILL BEGIN AROUND 6:30AM)
    6. We meet in the “SHED” next to the JH boys field house.
    7. generally: Monday & Wed are distance days /   Tues & Thurs are workout days
    8. Will go from 6:15- 7:30am Mon-Thursday mornings.                                                                                                                                    ((If they are in athletics that is when we will do CORE/WEIGHTS/OFFSEASON/EXC.)
    9. We will provide Breakfast for the kids afterwards (There will be a sign up to help with that)
    10. Kids will all be given a locker in the locker rooms to get ready if needed.                                                       (If they are not in athletics, they just need to tell a coach to get one)
    11. Kids are asked to wear bright clothes, we have vest for them, and if they would like to bring flashlights they can.
    12. We have a “Bike Club” who will bike with the runners to help keep an eye on them, as well as coaches and parents have come to help run/bike/drive around in the mornings.
    13. Practices are posted as a reminder EVERY SUNDAY on to help keep everyone on the                                                         same page


  1. Summer Workout Schedule (handout)
    1. Look at your runners training plan for the summer.
    2. Go over miles, how we will adjust as needed.
    3. Core is attached & weights (we will be putting great emphasis on this this year)
    4. There are set days in June, July will come later and be posted online. THIS IS IF YOU ARE IN TOWN, IF YOU ARE GONE THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE A SCHEDULE TOO, SO YOU CAN KEEP GETTING IN YOUR MILES!!
    5. Pool we will do once a week (Barnhills, hunnicutt, PT) .
    6. Long Run Saturday (explain reasoning and WE HAVE A SIGN UP FOR THIS)
    7. Fun events we will do as well, those will come as summer moves along
    8. Group messages are also a way we communicate in the summer, make sure you are on one!! Also, to help when you need a ride!!


  1. Info Page (Handout)
    2. Ordering will take place first week in August
    3. Why we make you fill it all out


  1. Form #2 (info on season page)
    1. McAlisters Fundraiser (August 22nd) 5-10pm (Why we fundraise)
    2. Car Wash ?
    3. Sign ups (Long run, Food at meets, waters at meets, breakfast help, exc)
    4. Make sure you on the group messages & check regularly
    5. We will be doing Summer Track with East Texas Track Club (if you want to compete in the meets in the summer please E-mail Coach Alford ( nothing will really change with you training, we are keeping the two basically the same, it will just allow you to compete in the summer are a few meets if you would like.
    6. Strider Camp #2 (Also discuss success of Camp #1)
    7. Keep your team ACCOUNTABLE in running this summer!!!
    8. Texas Heat Camp @ Anna, Tx


  • Discuss Summer Track


  • Summer Camp
    1. Dates (Aug 2nd – 6th)
    2. I will be attending (sign up if you would like to go this year)
    3. Talked with kieser (will split if you have ride to both)
    4. Cost : ($300 per runner / GOAL $250 per runner ) try and get a group of 10+ **Register all online


  1. Schedule for the season
    1. Go over it **not set in stone**
    2. Sign up for snacks and waters explain
    3. Explain meets what they look like
    4. Team End of Year Dinner TBA before district we will do as a group!
    5. Any Questions?

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