JH Sabine Meet Recap (3/20/17)


When your body wants to quit, you dig a little deeper. And for many junior high tracksters, some of that pain was from a week off over Spring Break, however a good bit of their success came from digging down and fighting for their team. Over the past two meets runners, jumpers, and throwers have practiced on techniques and learning their events. Some used the holiday to take advantage of the break to increase their knowledge and pain tolerance, while others enjoyed a nice relaxing break. And even though last night the margin between the two was evident, they all showed heart and willingness to push themselves like never before. Going up against, many whom they already gone against, they made sure that this year no school will forget Spring Hill, and those that make up the junior high teams. By watching them cheer, motivate, and help prepare each other as each race or field event occurred, unlike most teams running around, Spring Hill proved to be a cut above. This resulted in medal after medal, broken personal records, and racking in the points for nearly every event, allowing three of the Spring Hill teams (8th girls, 7th boys, 8th boys) to bring home the first place overall title, and one team to come in 4th place (7th girls).

On the girls side the day began with the 2000 and 2400, earning medals in both divisions, and a cluster of field event successes. This would soon become the reality for the eighth graders that another team victory was in sight. After the days collection of successes from all events, when it came down to the mile and 4×400, SH was slightly behind longtime rival White Oak. Tied and worn out, from an already long day the excitement was high, motivating the milers to endure the four laps of pain, for a total of eleven points, only slightly before the 4×400 team would leave it all on the track, to earn the last sixteen points, edging White Oak by a mere 1.5 points for the win!  For seventh graders each race meant another step closer to the top. And despite not earning a team title, these young tracksters demonstrated the heart of the Lady Panthers, till the very end. The girls ended the night with 18 total season best performances and 37 medals to bring back home. These girls left the meet with much more than just medals, and bragging rights, but lessons on what it takes to win.

The boys arrived at Cardinal Stadium with a little bit more confidence, as practices and meets have showed their hard work. For the eighth grade, it allowed another chance to hold their reputation as a strong track team, winning most of the meets they have attended since 7th grade. And their trick? Work as a team, cheer as a team, and compete as a team. The proof was in the races, as Spring Hill nabbed the 1-3 spots for many races, and quite a few filed events. These boys have grasped what it takes to be one cut above every other team, and by watching them it’s safe to say they have what it takes to turn heads one day, beyond the realm of Spring Hill. As for the 7th graders, there couldn’t have been a better group to teach them the ropes. The seventh grade runners not only followed their upper classmen, but competed at their level as well. Together the boy’s teams achieved 48 individual medals, 12 first place finishes, and 47 season bests’ to end the evening. This success proved the importance of teamwork, and showed each athlete that when you give your all to your team, and when they end up on top…you become a part of something greater than you ever dreamed you could be a part of, and that is Spring Hill Panther track.

Totaling out the evening the Spring Hill tracksters not only left champions in three of the four divisions, achieved numerous season best performances and medals, but acquired just a little more knowledge of what Spring Hill is doing and how they are not going to stop pressing onward, the sky is the limit.

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100 Dash-

Layla Tennison (15.89, .15 SB)

200 Dash-

Naja Jackson (31.21, .2 SB)

400 Dash-

Lainee Cornell (1:17.19,  3 sec SB)

Shanti Bell (1:14.37, 1 sec SB)

800 Run-

Taylor White (3:00.05, 5 sec SB)

Haley Yoder (2:59, .15 SB)

Jayylyn Martinez (3:04, 4 sec SB)

1600 Run-

Sam Schott (6:15, 6 sec SB)

Riley Johnson (1200) (4:45, SB)

2400 Run-

Maz Morton (10:49, 26 sec SB)

Gracie Schmidt (11:49, 10 sec SB)

Riley Johnson (2000)(8:35, 15 sec SB)

Maddie Kennedy (2000) SB

100 H-

Kenzie Gee (18.51, .2 SB)

Kaylee O’Brien (22.59, 2 sec SB)

300 H-

Anna Hammer (59.07, 1 sec SB)

Taylor White ((65.54, SB)

4×200 R 7th grade- (2:02, 2 sec SB)

Long Jump-

Shanti Bell(12-6 ½ , 1 foot SB)

Shot Put-

Kaitlyn Bryce (25-9, 1 foot SB)

BOYS Season Bestà


200 Dash-

Brian Vaca (27.05, .5 SB)

Drew Bassett (29.15, .1 SB)

Novak (27.89, 1 sec SB)

Landon Coe (31.85, 2 sec SB)

400 Dash-

Jose Delagadillo (63.65, 2 sec SB

Landon Coe (1.13.83, 2 sec SB)

800 Run-

Brody Barnhill (2:20.56, 4 sec SB)

Carson Barnhill (2:19.86, 3 sec SB)

Grant Fisher (2:20.7, 6 sec SB)

Nick Bodenhimer ( 2:35 SB)

Joseph Egbe (2:45, SB)

1600 Run-

Colton Gottle (5:44, 14 sec SB)

2400 Run-

David McFatridge (11:01, 7 sec SB)

Jordan Hodges (2000) (7:43, 10 sec SB)

Jackson Perritt (SB 8:30)

Cole Secord (SB 8:26)

110 H-

Carter Dixon (20:06, .5 SB)

Dallan Palmer (19.28, 1 sec SB)

Novak (20.89, 1 sec SB)

Ben Puckett (19.10, 2 sec SB)

Colby Horn (20.40, .3 SB)

Jordan Hodges (20.53, 1 sec SB)

300 H-

Dallan Palmer (49.33, 1 sec SB)

Ben Puckett (51.82, 1 sec SB)

Colby Horn (56.03, 1 sec SB)

4×100 relay-

7th grade (52.15, 1 sec SB)

4×400 Relay-

8th grade (4:28.38, 2 sec SB)

Long Jump-

Curtis Crowe (15-10 ½ , 5 in)

Eric Morrow (16-7 ½ , 1 foot ½ In SB)


Aaron Collier (41-0, 2 feet SB)


Brody Barnhill (119-5, 24 feet SB)

Colby Bowles (116-2, 11 feet SB)

Cameron Webb (80-3, 8 feet SB)

Evan Howard (86-5, 2 feet SB)

Triple Jump-

Carson Barnhill (35-9, 5 in SB)

Kayden Miller (36-0 ½ , 3 feet SB)

High Jump-

Eric Morrow (5-1, SB)

Nick Alexander (4-6, SB)

Pole Vault-

Brian Vaca (9-6, 1 foot SB)

Brody Barnhill (8-6, 4 in SB)

Carson Barnhill (9-0, 4 in SB)

Camden Turner (7-0, 4 in SB)

Owen Tipton (6-6, SB)


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