Bill Secord Meet Recap


When needed, you step up. And that is just what was needed this past Thursday evening as the Spring Hill tracksters took to the track once again, on their home turf. With numerous members from the teams missing, on all divisions. It was a moment, going against many strong programs, where members stepped up and brought home over 35 season bests’ performances, a handful of first timers in events, and even more faces coming out to compete. In the end, not only putting on a show for the first ‘Bill Secord Track Meet’  to be held in the new stadium, but proving one more time the strength in the Spring Hill track team, is not only in numbers, but the willingness to do whatever is needed to continue to “Build the Hill.”

On the girls end it was a chance to see the underclassmen step out and see what they had. And it was promising as the Junior Varsity girls finished second place overall. With only twelve girls making up that team, earning many 1st and 2nd place finishes, they were able to prove that numbers aren’t always everything. For the Varsity girls, this meet provided a chance to see many members compete in new events, add in members who have yet to join, and allow them the chance to begin looking beyond the meet itself, towards district.

For the boys, this meet meant a little bit more. Becoming fuller in strength, and not missing near as many as the girls, the boys would go on to finish 1st in the Junior Varsity division, and 3rd in the varsity. Placing in nearly every event, and for some evets having every boy place, the JV not only won the meet, but ran away with it. Nearly doubling all other teams point totals, except Lindale (ahead by 69 points). These young men went on to win their second meet of the year, providing excitement and enthusiasm that only spread as the meet went onward, as they alone had 20 of the season best performances. For the Varsity boys, it was a day of proving and owning their home track. Coming off of a hot and humid start from the 3200, and only ten placing from the field events (including all three shot guys to place), by the time running events began, the guys knew winning was going to take a fight. And luckily they had the most excited group in the stadium to cheer them on (the JV boys). And cheer they did as the varsity boys continued to chip away, stocking up points from nearly each race. They fought the whole night. It came down once again to the mile and 4×400 where they would ultimately fight back hard enough to earn 3rd, just eight points shy of 2nd place, and 16 away from 1st.

Leaving the stadium, all panthers and lady panthers fought to the end, and represented SH to the best of their ability on our home turf; learning a lot, discovering new capabilities, and proving their depth within the program. No matter the grade or gender, athletes rose to the occasion and ended the evening one step closer to the goal.






Landrum 12-11 3/4 )(Sydney Richie 11-7, 1 foot)

SHOT PUT– (Jayla Landrum 20-8-5)

POLE VAULT- (Reanna Ochoa 7-0)

300 Hurdles– (Ashley Blake 50.46, .1 SB)

4×200 meters (1:54.58, 1 sec SB)

DISCUS– (Avery Barnhill 86-7, 7 ft SB)(Hannah Methvin 89-8 1/2 , .25 SB)

TRIPLE JUMP– (Emily Alahmed 29-2, ½ foot SB)



100 METER DASH- (Brady Powers 11.67, .55 SB)(Robert Hollins 12.03, .1 SB)

400 METER DASH- (Zach Henry 53.84, .01 SB)(Gilbert Garcia 56.23, 1 sec SB)                                                                                              (Reese Phillips 53.96, 1 sec SB)(Zach Hughes 54.34, .2 SB)

800 METER RUN- (Reese Phillips 2:06, 3 sec SB)( Manuel Florres 2:20)

1600 METER RUN– (Haden Bray 5:37, 8 sec PR)(Peyton White 5:33)(Sammy G 5:30)                                                                                (Kalen Barlow 5:55, 4 sec PR)

3200 METER RUN– (Haden Bray 12:08, 6 sec PR)

110 HURDLES- (Anthony H 19.48, 1 sec SB)(Anthony Hawkins 18:43, 1 sec SB)

(Richie Matkin 17.37, .4 SB)(Ryan Willis 16.60, 1 sec SB)

300 HURDLES- (Gage White 47.31, 2 sec SB)

4×100 RELAY JV- (43.18, .3 SB)

4×200 RELAY V- (1:35.31,2 sec SB)

4×400 RELAY V- (3:40,  Same)

Long Jump– (Kevron Madden 19-9 ½ ) (Jason Muduh 18-2)

SHOT PUT– (Vaughn Bufkin 37-6 ½ , 3 feet SB)(Brayden Yantes 40-2, 2 feet SB)

DISCUS- (Gage White 90-6 ¼ )(Alex Willis 107-3 ½, 3 feet SB)

POLE VAULT- (Zach Henry 10-0)(Gilbert Garcia 11-6, 1 foot SB)




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