JH SH Meet Recap



Brick by Brick a foundation is laid. And that is just what is continuing to happen for both the 7th and 8th grade girls as they fought on their home track this past Monday night. Coming away from the meet all together they earned a total of 44 personal bests in various events, 29 medals, and even more excitement for what is to come. Starting off the day with the 2400 with eleven SH runners, all posting times better than before, then moving to first place finishes in field events Pole Vault and Triple Jump, they began to ensure they would fight to end defending their home territory. For the seventh graders this was the first meet where a large crowd of home fans joined along with community members to see their hard work and new skills take action. Considering many are still learning the ropes of techniques and the track meet order of events, they cheered and worked as a team to continue improving. Along with the help from High School tracksters, these young girls worked to capture a 4th place over-all finish. For the eighth grade girls, this was revenge and round two of their home track advantage. However, this time the track was newer, the field was nicer, and the crowds even greater as they rallied together to fight for the crown. From field to track, they continued to strive for perfection, going against strong district contenders such as Gladewater and Bullard. Once more they were able to nearly pull it out, only to come up short by one point for a second place finish. But as every meet goes to show, there is a lesson to be learned. One point was the deciding factor between victory and defeat. One point that could have been earned anywhere from the field to the track.  It was that one point of difference that made all the difference, making everyone realize it isn’t the end of the meet that earns the points to win, it’s each and every event and each and every participant that counts. One harder kick, one extra stretch, or one more practice session could have made the difference. So rather than cheering on the Gold, all girls learned a valuable lesson not only for track, but all aspects of life. From here on out, I hope they have become challenged to become that one point difference and push for the crown. And with that they have continued to build the foundation, laying a few more bricks down.


***UPDATE, EACH POINT MATTERS…DUE TO MISSED POINT, THE GIRLS WON THE MEET!!!!…..SAM SCHOTT 1st IN 800 brought them 9 points ahead of Gladewater!!! ***


Contagious excitement. After hearing of, and for some witnessing, the High School boys earn their first victory this season at the Gladewater meet this past Friday, the quest for Gold was all in the air. HS mentors attended the meet to “coach” those younger tracksters who will one day follow in the legacy they are helping build. And if you needed proof of the legacy itself, you could have watched as (9th graders) Austin Martin, Zach Henry, Kalen Barlow, Mason Hancock, and others were not only there to cheer on SH, but warmed them up, stretched them, gave race strategies, cheered them and from the sidelines with each step.  From the seventh to the eighth grade in all events, anything less than your best would leave you in the dust. As both teams combined finished with 46 personal bests recorded, a total of 38 medals, a MEET CROWN for the 8th, and a RUNNER-UP or the 7th (only to be beaten once again by Gladewater, but coming 20 points closer from the week before). And with medaling all three of runners in multiple events, they proved how hard work and heart of the SH Panthers keep improving. These boys and those ahead of them have worked hard, learned a lot, and found that success isn’t achieved by one stellar athlete or a couple of stars. It’s a team thing. It’s a community thing. But most importantly it’s a family thing, and if you haven’t caught the excitement, just wait around and look for a HS Junior Dylan Williams, who daily coaches the boys in the distance, gives them his best motivational speech, and then nearly runs himself ragged racing around to follow them on them on the track, just to see them succeed. He isn’t a runner, a thrower, or a jumper, but track has taught him to see just how exciting SH athletics is becoming, and he just can’t help but want to be a part of it. Congratulations to EACH AND EVERY GUY who competed at any level last night…because of you SH will soon catch the excitement as well!








100 DASH: (Jayden James 14.14, .2 sec)(Caylee Caldwell 13.48, DNR)

200 DASH: (Tai Reid 28.48, 1 sec SB)(Caylee Caldwell 31.69, DNR)

800 Run: (Sam Schott 2:41, 5 sec SB)(Taylor White 3:01, 4 sec SB)

100 H: (Kenzie Gee 18.70, 1 sec SB)(Anna Hammer 19.03, .05 SB)(Riley Noon 19.07, DNR)

2400 RUN: (Starlin 11:15, 13 sec SB)(Addison 11:02, 30 sec SB)(Lillian D 12:02, 44 sec SB (                                                     (Maddie Kennedy 11:48, 1 min 2 sec SB)(Maz Morton 10:41 20 sec SB)                                                                    (Peyton Borens 11:08, 12  sec SB)(Kennedy Croom 10:56, 30 sec SB)                                                                               (Gracie S 12:06, 30 sec)(McKinzie R 11:52, 40 sec SB)

300 H: (Sophia M 57.67, 1 sec SB)(Kenzie G 55.37, 5 sec SB)

4×100 R 7th: (57.58, 1 sec SB)

1600 Run: (Riley J 6:53, 14 sec SB)(Starlin 7:23, 16 sec SB)(Lillian 7:02, 14 sec SB)                                                                      (Maddie K 7:50, 6 sec SB)(Maz M 6:43, 10 sec SB)(Gracie S 7:24, 22 sec SB)                                                             (Sam Schott, 6:21, 4 sec SB)(Taylor W 7:28, DNR)

4×400 R 7th: (4:41.43, 10 sec SB)

4×400 R 8th: (4:54.64, 1 sec SB)

Long Jump: (Tyra Tatum 14-1, 1 foot SB)

Triple Jump: (Trya Tatum 30-6 ½ , 2 feet SB)



100  DASH: (Michael M 12.03, 1 sec SB)(Eric M 11.87, .2 SB)

400 dash: (Kayden M 62.15, 2 sec SB)(Christian G 64.33, 1 sec SB)

2400 run: (Marshall b 9:05, 4 sec SB)(Caleb H 9:18, 21 sec SB)                                                                                                           (Walker H 9:52, 1 min 15 sec SB)(David M 11:08, 12 sec SB)                                                                                            (Nick B 9:24, 16 sec SB)(Jordan H 9:09, 16 sec SB)

800 Run: (Carson B 2:22, 1 sec SB)(Brody B 2:24, 6 sec SB)(Grant F 2:26.76, DNR)                                                                     (ColeS 2:47, 3 sec SB)(Chris A 2:43, 3 sec SB)

110 H: (Colby Horn 20.70, DNR)(Jordan H 21.13, DNR)

4×100 R 7th: (53.89, 2 sec SB)

4×200 R 8th: (1:46.81, 5 sec Sb)

4×400 R 7th: (4:31, 4 sec SB)

4×400 R 8th: (4:00.72, 11 sec SB)

1600 Run: (Marshall b 5:46, 2 sec SB)(Caleb H 5:46, 9 sec SB)(Walker H 6:12, 43 sec SB)                                                        (Adrine V 6:50, 24 sec SB)(Valiente 6:40, 19 sec SB)(Jordan H 5:57, 1 sec SB)                                                        (Nick B 5:56, 11 sec SB)(Owen T 6:25, 5 sec SB)(Jackson 6:45, 19 sec SB)

Shot Put: (Aaron C 39-5 3/4 , 2 feet SB)(Colby B 36-8, 8 in SB)(Tony N 35-7 ½ , DNT)

Discus: (Colby B 105-8 ¾ , PR)(Brody B 95-6 ¾, PR)

Triple Jump: (Corvin W 35-0 ½ , PR)




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