HS Gladewater Meet RECAP & Season Best

Gladewater Meet Recap 2017-

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. And this past Friday at Jack V. Murphy stadium, there was a picture of what it looks like when things begin to fall into place. Spring Hill trackstters set the pace early on in the meet, earning numerous field event points, and by the end of the meet, one school would be found running and cheering teammates on, and motivating them to prove SH track is gaining not only in numbers, but care and passion for their teammates and team as a whole.

For the girls, building has been the motto since day one. Building in numbers, strength, and speed. And with only a handful able to compete due to softball and soccer conflicts, the girls who competed on Friday night not only had to battle few in numbers, but experience as well. Having only seven upperclassmen, leaving a lot of pressure to the ten freshmen, who were lining up against much older and experienced athletes. However, each girl proved their place and continued to improve in all areas. Allowing them to leave the meet setting 11 season best performances, and eleven medals to bring back home! The girls went on to finish 6th place in the meet.

The JV boys came out a little stronger, not only in speed and strength, but numbers,  As we are continuing to see a steady increase on the boys side, to do not only well, but increase team spirit and enthusiasm, which  been electric and contagious with the new Freshmen group adding to the mix. Helping their fellow teammates bring home 22 season best performances, numerous first time competitors, and 25 medals to end out the night (10 of which were from 1-3 finishes). All day long this group of young men, fought against the competition aiming for that first place finish, and by the start of the mile that goal was found reachable. And with two races left, everyone point was on the line like never before. They ended up finishing 2nd & 4th in the mile, and then 2nd overall in the 4×400 relay, just 10 points shy of 1st place. Yet, despite the devastating loss, they gained so much more this meet that a plaque. They built themselves up, their team up, and most importantly each other. As well, setting the stage and motivating the varsity boys to accomplish the very same goal.

Nearly coming in full strength, and with a few changes from last week, the varsity boys took the meet by a storm. Coming to Gladewater, they began to understand what it what going to take if they truly wanted to back their goal of winning the meet, and soon a district title. Led by a strong group of seniors and an exceptional group of freshmen, these young men became a TEAM friday night. No longer only looking for personal gain, or getting sidetracked by things of less importance, they cheered, helped, and were apart of every single point together. No athlete was singled out, everyone cheered on one another, and up until the mile run, they had survived winning nearly the whole meet from start to finish. Then with two races left, three freshmen were looked at to bring all the excitement to a near close. Flooded with blue along every straight, they were reminded that it isn’t the age, experience, or grade that can achieve great things, but the heart of athlete and how much they’re willing to hurt to help their team. And it is safe to say that Spring Hill had the most heart on that track Friday night in all levels and events, proving it when three freshmen cross the line in 1st, 2nd, and 5th places…all earning points for their team. This Event only intensified the enthusiasm for the Varsity boys as one last race was standing between them and their goal of winning the meet. And from the gun, cheering roared throughout the stands and field as everyone watched the mile relay take second, and earning enough points to WIN the meet.

Friday night at Gladewater Spring Hill did more than just earn medals, season bests’, and a free meal. They got a taste of the future, and how together SPRING HILL can and will achieve great things at all levels. So the picture Friday night, wasn’t about just the races individually, but each event and each person, who helped SH move forward. It takes hard work to achieve great things, but it’s about the picture at the end that makes it all worth it. The thousands words that the picture represents, come from practices, sacrifices, and challenges that lead each of us to be in the picture at the end. This week the tracksters will be competing at Home in the Bill Secord Track Meet on Thursday (March 9th).


Season best performance→


100 dash – (maddison V 29.02, 1 sec SB)

400 dash- (Tierney S. 73.55, 8 sec SB)

800 m run- (Tierney S. 3:00.01, 5 secSB)

1600 m run- (Lexie J 7:01, 19 sec SB)

3200 m run- (Lexie J 17:06, 54 sec SB)

100 H- (Lexie G 17.03, 2 sec SB)

4×100 R- (51.53, 2 sec SB)

Long Jump- (Emily A, 15-01/2, 3 feet SB)

Discus- (Hannah M 89-8 1/2 , 4 feet SB)

High Jump- (Emily A, 4-10, 2 in SB)



100 dash- (Brady Powers, 12.09, .38 SB)(Oscar G 13.21, .20 sec SB)

(Daryn Beck,   11.81, 1 sec SB)(Dayson Adaway 11.52, .1 sec SB)

(Gilbert G 12.50, .67 SB)

200 dash- (Morgan B 24.81, 1 sec SB)

400 Dash- (Antony H 59.05, .3 sec SB)(Zach H 53.58, 1 sec SB)(Reese P 54.4, 3 secSB

1600 run- (Austin M 4:56, 4 sec PB)(Kalen B 4:59,6 sec PB)(Haden Bray 5:45, 7 sec PR) (craig h 5:35, 10 sec PR)

3200 run- (Haden B 12:14, 20 sec PR)

110 H- (Anthony Harmon 20.97, 1 sec SB)(Anthony Hawkins 19.45, .1 sec SB)

300 H- (Gage W 49.18, .8 sec SB)(Richie M 45.51, 2 sec SB)

4×100 R VAR- 43.43 (2nd) 1 sec SB

4×100 R JV- 45.15 (2nd) 3 sec SB

4×200 R Var- 1:30, 3 sec SB (1st)

4×400 R Var- 3:33 (2nd)6 sec SB

4x400R JV- 3:43 (2nd) 12 sec SB

Long Jump- (Carson F 19-0 ½ , 1 foot SB)(Morgan B 19-1, 2 feet SB)

Shot Put- (Kaden Peppers 43-6 ½ , 4 feet SB)(Vaughn Bufkin 34-1, 2 feet SB)

Triple jump- (Kelsey Bell 35-6, 2 feetSB)(Kevron M 40-0, 2 feet SB)

High Jump- (Daryn Beck 5-8, 2 in SB)(Dayson Adaway 6-0, 4 inSB)(Casey M 5-4, 2 inSB





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