JR Cub Relays (Feb 28th) Info

**For the JH track meet (Feb 28th) the runners attending (List below for all distance runners going to the meet) will be checking out of school around 1:45pm and then leaving from the school BY 2:00pm. They will need to get their work from ALL classes they will be missing (ALL DISTANCE RUNNERS ARE HELD TO HIGH STANDARDS TO MAINTAIN THEIR GRADES AT ALL TIMES, DESPITE MISSING SCHOOL…SO PLEASE ENSURE EVERYONE TAKES CARE OF THIS!!). **

**I would bring something to use to lay on, snacks (PB crackers, granola, Banana, Trail Mix, Pretzels), water bottle to hydrate throughout the meet, sunscreen, inhaler, exc. DO NOT BRING: Candy, soda, nachos, fries….anything extremely sugary, fried, or greasy!! TRUST ME ON THIS!!!**

2400 METER RUN (starts @4pm) 

Nick Bodenhimer, Jordan Hodges, Joseph E

Riley Johnson, Lillian D., Jaylyn M., Maddie Kennedy, Addison M, Starling

Marshall B, Caleb H., Colton G., David M., Walker H, Valentine

Maz M, Kennedy C, Peyton B, Gracie S, Hadley C, McKinzie R, Jocelyn Salaises

800- (after 4×100) 

Chris A, Adreine R, Cole Secord

Haleigh Y, Macy R,

C. Barnhill, B. Barnhill, Grant Fisher, Eli Bartell

Sam S, Taylor W, Anna H


Nick B, Jordan H, Joseph E, Chris A, Cole S, Jackson P, Owen T, Adrine R

Riley J, Lillian D, Haleigh Y, Jaylyn M, Addison M, Maddy K, Starling

Marshall B, Caleb H, Colton G, David M, Valinetine, Walker H

Sam Schott, Maz M, Gracie S, Peyton B, Taylor W, Rachel D, Kennedy C, Alli K, Jocelyn salaises

Order Of Events

3:00 Field Events Begin   Shot               7G/8G/7B/8B

                        Discus          7B/8B/7G/8G

                        Long Jump         8B/7B/8G/7G

                        Triple Jump         8G/7G/8B/7B

                        High Jump         7G/7B/8G/8B

                        Pole Vault         7B/8B/7G/8G


4:00 7th & 8th Grade girls 2400m

7th & 8th grade boys 2400m





7th/8th Girls followed by the 7th/8th Boys

400                 Meter Relay

800                 Meter Run

100         Meter Hurdles

110 Meter hurdles

100                 Dash

800                 Relay

400                  Meter Dash

300                 Meter Hurdles

200                  Meter Dash

1600                 Meter Run

1600                 Meter Relay


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