Questions for 800 & up runners for Track

***First I try and get all my runners phone numbers and parents numbers to put them in a group me ap so I can give them messages and updates as to any changes or practice times. So if you are not signed up for the AP PLEASE email me ( and provide me with your child’s name and grade and their phone # (they will be in a group with the kids their age) & then your name and your phone number (you will be in a group with either JH or HS parents). ***


FOR JH GIRLS 7TH/8TH (7:15-8:30 / 7:45-8:30 / 8:00-8:30…DEPENDING ON THE DAY)

FOR 7TH BOYS –> will depend.

For 8th Boys –> will depend, some during 8th period to about 4:30pm

HS girls and Boys in 8th athletics (3:00pm-4:30pm or sooner)

HS girls and boys NOT in 8th (after school from 4:00-5:00)

WHAT DO WE DO?–> We will do a mix of workouts from long/easy to hard workout days. Each day will end with either flexibility drills/core OR weight workouts for most.

HOW LONG DO we TRAIN?–> I encourage all distance and mid distance runners will train until the last one is finished…that means if we have one go to state, we all try and train to state (not continuing the same workload, but very similar)

WILL WE TRAIN ON DAYS NOT IN SCHOOL?–> Yes, most of the time it is group runs to just relax and run as a group at a different location, but goal is team bonding and trying to enjoy running. **this is why the AP is important because reminders will be sent out via text mostly*

WHAT DO I NEED TO TRAIN WITH THE GROUP–> a water bottle and wrist watch is extremely asked to get one if you can. To help you record your runs and keep up for warm ups and cool downs

WHAT IF I CANT MAKE IT TO A WORKOUT, CAN I DO IT STILL? -_> communication is KEY, if you are to miss make sure you contact Coach Alford and if you can still do the workout at another time, she will give it to you.

HOW DO GRADES EFFECT ME? –> Grades are a VERY HIGH PRIORITY, if your grades  begin to drop THEY TAKE PRIORITY!!!!…

**Any other question please feel free to email Coach Alford at any time.




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