Regional Meet Recap

So sorry it has taken me so very long to get this updated!!


This past Saturday: five months of training, over 5,000 miles of running, and countless hours endless encouragement (coming in in all different forms) all bound together for one race…the regional meet. Despite not going as planned and achieving a ticket to state, these runners found themselves achieving something much more than they bargained for.

Over the summer, they went from a few kids just wanting to run cross country, to a team eager to become a state championship team. However, great things do not come easy, and learning that was going to take time for a young team. Having only two seniors returning, and one fighting to run all season the journey was harder than expected.

All season long these boys rallied together, most of the time being carried by under classmen, who were ready to fill the shoes and carry the weight, having won their first meet at Pine Tree and finishing second at many meets, the quest for a district championship was very high. Though, when you settle and get comfortable, you lose focus on what brought you where you were. And for a moment, we got comfortable. Our youthful minds got the best of us, mine included. As a coach, I placed in the minds of my team we were the best, yet in running you have to know the best are those who never stop going, and give up for settle.

Going back to this past Saturday, to recap the regional meet, I believe first I would say we learned from our mistake at District. As ten Varsity boys (three boys continued to train throughout the weeks and traveled to cheer on their teammates along the course), and one lone Varsity girl traveled to Dallas, they all had one thing in mind, a trip to state, yet we know things don’t happen as we plan. Yet, they ran to the best of their abilities. Leading the boys was freshmen, Austin Martin, followed by, sophomore Manuel Florres, and then another slew of freshmen and sophomores, with two. For the team of boys, I would say the race ended as planned, no trip to state, but a reality check to the amount of work state is going to take. They saw what a big race looked like, and felt the disappointment when all your work ends like it did, but something tells me it won’t happen many times again. In my opinion, great things happen, when they are suppose too. It wasn’t our time, YET. BUT when your team arrives home, and only 24 hours later, you get a message asking about practice, to be ready for next year when state rolls around….you know greater things are headed their way and the time is coming. And when it does the moment will be even sweeter. Then for Marissa the only varsity girl to run, to finish her 3200 meter race in the same time she finished her 3000 race at the start of the season is outstanding! Not to mention, she was confident enough to want her own hotel room, because she said next year she WILL NOT BE ALONE, yes SH CC is on the move.

Regionals and our season can best be summed up by a portion of Friday night’s motivational speech given by freshmen, Haden Bray, “Our deepest fear isn’t’ that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”


Thank you for a great season to all runners and parents!!!

And thank you to all those who kept training till the end!!     (Marshall Bodenhimer, Nick Bodenhimer, Jackson Perritt)



MARISSA SEYER         81ST          13:19


                Austin Martin           64th          18:23

                Manuel Florres         80th          18:41      

                Kalen Barlow           85th          18:45

                Mason Hancock       112th        19:28      

                Peyton White           118th        19:38

                Ethan Pimental        129th        19:54

                Reese Phillips           131st        19:56



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