This past week 18 runners from the JH and HS Cross Country programs attended the “Texas Heat Cross Country Camp” for the first time. Runners logged around 10 miles a day (including walking around and their second fun workout), attended lectures where they learned more about HYDRATION and NUTRITION and were provided with helpful and easy ways to ensure they are getting everything they need to be successful. As a result from the camp, I as well learned many great helpful tips to help our CC program become the best in Texas.

As a result their will be a few changes to our practice schedule this season. We will be working out (2) mornings: Monday & Wednesday @5:45am, then (2) evenings: TUESDAY & THURSDAY @7:00pm, until after Labor Day, which then it will change to 4:00pm. This is just one of the many things I would like to share with all parents and runners before we begin as a WHOLE family our quest for the district crowns and Road to State. However, beyond everything we learned and have been working on this season, is teamwork and excitement. Each and every practice the team will be challenged to encourage and push their teammates, and keep in mind we are not finished until the last runner comes to the end.

So please make plans to attend the Parent Meeting WEDNESDAY AUGUST 24th @ 5:30pm in the HS Library.  

As well, we will be discussing coming up with a plan for Breakfast in the mornings and snacks at meets. And then members of the Athletic Booster Club will be in attendance to discuss the plan for the upcoming year and how they will be working to help the CC team as well to meet our needs. We encourage you to join if you can!

And last BUT NOT LEAST, we will also discuss our FUNDRAISER coming up. We will be selling SH flags for the community.

It is going to be an exciting season and I look forwards to another remarkable year with the SH runners and watching them Build a Legacy one stride at a time…TOGETHER!!



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