A few months ago one of White Oak’s legends (Coach Dan Noll), received the news that he was about to be in the fight of his life. This coming after being the rock for his family over the past few years as they have already been through much more than any family ever should. The name “Noll” around White Oak is usually attached to the sport of basketball, as Coach Noll transformed a tiny town in the 80’s into a basketball empire. Most noted for his team’s motto “I Believe”, which still stands at the door way for Roughneck Basketball. It was this motto and man that I credit so much of what I have accomplished over the latter part of life. Since the first time I met him, to my College graduation, even as I have been coaching at SH, I have had someone alongside me believing, encouraging, and listening to me throughout many of life’s most challenging moments. And for motto “I Believe”, I can personally say that it stems far deeper than just Basketball in White Oak. It has carried me to Spring Hill, home of the Panthers, and a place I couldn’t be more blessed to be apart of. Spring Hill, I Believe we have a chance to unit with a community most just know as a “Rival”, and help them celebrate and Unite to help Fight for Coach Dan Noll.

SH Cross Country will be encouraged to run in the race as Team SH. However, it would AMAZING if anyone else would join us! NO MATTER THE AGE, JOIN the TEAM! SpringHillStrong!

SH family if you can wear a White Shirt and put “#SHTEAMNOLL on the back. 🙂





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1 Response to CoLoR RuN FuN!!! #SHNOLLSTRONG

  1. Steph Johnson says:

    What are the dates? It looks like there is a flyer link, but I’m having trouble opening it. Thanks.

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