JH District Meet Recap

District Meet Recap-

This past Monday the Junior High Track teams traveled to Gladewater, representing Spring Hill in the JH district track meet. Altogether, the teams accumulated over 45 personal records, and a District Championship trophy! The athletes not only battled heat and a long day, but a very tough field of competitors.

The seventh grade girls’ team concluded the night earning 4th place as a team. Together, they earned 16 medals and quite a few first place finishes, including personal best from Samantha Schott in all three events (PV, 800, and mile). These girls ended the season ahead of many others, they gained valuable experience, and were taught a strong work ethic that will pay dividends in the future for the girls programs.

The eighth grade girls team ended the season with a third place finish. However, despite falling short of the overall goal of winning the meet, they were able to come back to their second district meet and compete at a whole new level. They worked hard, grew as a team, and learned overall what it takes to be a true athlete. Within the meet they were able to cheer each other on to helping both Nichols sprinters to earn a PR in the 100/200, as well as, distance runner Caroline Deason shattering her old personal best in both the 2400 (by 20 sec) and 1600 (by 10 sec).

For the seventh grade boys’, excitement was up in the air. After working hard in grueling workouts, these boys were ready to shine. All that hard work resulted in 19 personal bests throughout the night. Earning third as team, they were challenged by speedsters such as Chaple Hill and Gilmer the entire evening. To open the day, athletes in the field events rallied in Pole Vault to sweep the top 3 spots and end with 2 personal bests by: Brian Vaca (1st) & Brody Barnhill (2nd). Then in the throwing events Barnhill (3rd – disc), Colby Bowles (5th– disc), and Aaron Collier (6th-shot) all threw their bests. Combined with the jumping events, altogether, the seventh graders added 42 points, before running events started. In the running events, with the help of the Barnhill duo, both hurdle events and all three relays PRed, including a seven-second drop in the 4×400.

Ending the evening was the eighth grade boys, who were destined for victory. Coming off the field events the scores were very close, meaning every point could win or lose. And with 18 personal records in the running events, they knew what was at stake. That mentality carried the eighth grade boys to achieve their ultimate goal: District Championship. Starting with another spectacular performance from the 2400 group, another solid 400 run by the quarter miler group, and then each relay team dropping times, once again. However, the entire meet can be summed up by the last two events. Going in, Spring Hill was down by at least ten points, then with the trio of milers (Austin Martin- 1st), (Mason Hancock-3rd), and (Kalen Barlow-4th), battled past Kilgore in the final lap, which literally became an elbow battle on the final curve. Then the Mile relay sealed the deal; Christian Adame, Gage White, Logan Lambert, and Zach Henry who ran the best mile relay time in East Texas, taking the team to achieve their dream: They became District Champs.

Throughout the season, all groups, including others who did not attend the district meet, worked hard and pushed their selves beyond anything they ever thought. Spring Hill Junior high this season had the best turnout for track in years. Enthusiasm, dedication, and heart combined with a bunch of kids seeking to find their place, brought a new light into the track world. Runners, who have never run, ran and in the end found out that it’s not all about just running, but learning to push passed your limits to achieve victory…nothing great ever comes easy.

The entire coaching staff would like to thank all the parents and athletes for a great season!!








Samantha Schott (2nd)- 5:59 (3 sec PR)


100 M:

Reagan Henry 15.55

Tai Reid 13.31


100 H:

Kenzie Gee 19.59


4×100 Relay:

54.90 (by 3 sec)



2:01.95 (better by 5 sec)



5:02.90 (by 3 sec)


400 R:

Rachel Doss (80.59)


200 M:

Irianna Powell 30.55




Maz Morton 10:19


Long Jump:

Tai Reid 14’ 4 ½ (PR by ½ foot)


Triple Jump:

Kenzie Gee (28’6 ½) PR by about 4 feet!



Rachel Petree (67’1) PR by about 4 feet

Sadie Sparks (61’0) PR by 14 feet!!


Shot Put:

Rachel Petree (31’ 1 ¼ ) PR by 2 feet

Makayla Davis (28’11 1/2 ) PR by 2 feet

Sadie Sparks (27’6 1/4 ) PR by 6 inches



8th Girls:


Caroline Deason (6th)- 10:57 (15 sec PR)



Caroline Deason (-)- 6:40


4×100 R:

52.77 (2 sec PR)


4×400 R:

4:43.85 ( 8 sec PR)


100 S:

Ansley Nichols- 13.51

Amiya Tennison (13.31) 2 sec PR


100 H:

Ashlee Blake (16.50) 1 sec PR

Lexi Gossage (17.52) .3 sec

Aansley Nichols (17.11)


300 H: Lexi Gossage 55.21


200 M:

Ansley Nichols: 28.75 (1 sec pr)

Emmaline Nichols (28.55) (2 sec pr)


7th Boys:

800 M:

Carson Barnhill (1st) 2:30 (2 secPR)

Brody Barnhill (4th) 2:42 (3 sec PR)


1600 M:

Marshall Bodenhimer (2nd) 5:57 (3 sec PR)

Nathan Taylor (4th) 6:02 (30 sec PR)

Walker Holt (-) 6:28 (10 sec PR)


2400 M:

Marshall Bodenhimer (2nd) 9:14 (12 sec PR)

Caleb Hutchenson (4th) 9:52 (10 sec PR)


110 H:

Corvin Withrow (5th) 19.21 (.5 PR)

Carter Dixon (-) 21.52 ( 1 sec PR)

Kayden Miller (-) 20.18 (1 sec PR)


300 H:

Carson Barnhill (2nd) 49.45 (.5 PR)

Corvin Withrow (3rd) 50.53 (2 sec PR)


4×100 R   (6th) 52.12 (1 sec PR)


4xx200 (1:53.71) 5th (3 secPR)


4×400 (4:21.31) 3rd (7 sec PR)


Long Jump:

Corvin Withrow (1 ft 6 in PR)- 14-6 ½

Kayden Miller (1 ft PR)- 14-10 ½


Triple Jump:

Corvin Withrow (6th) 5 in PR


Pole Vault:

Brian Vaca (1st) 8-6 (1 ft PR)



Brody Barnhill (3rd) 105-9 (10-9 ft PR)

Colby Bowles (5th) 87-4 (7-4 ft PR)

Aaron Collier (DNP) 84-2 (9-2 ft PR)


8th Grade Boys

400 D:

Anthony Hawkins (59.21) 2nd (1 sec)

Christian Adame (1:00.81) 6th (1 sec)

Zach Henry (55.91) 1st (3 sec PR)


800 M:

Austin Martin (2:05.05) 1st (3 sec)

Nathan Hammett (2:23.55) 3rd (2 sec PR)


1600 M:

Austin Martin (5:11.05) 1st (13 sec PR)

Mason Hancock (5:15.30) 3rd (5 sec PR)

Kalen Barlow (5:30.59) 4th (10 sec PR)


2400 M:

Kalen Barlow (8:55.55) 3rd ( 8 sec PR)

Mason Hancock (8:13) 1st (10 secPR)


110 H:

Christian Adame (19.97) (1 sec PR)


300 H:

Malik Cooks (49.81) (1 sec PR)


4×200 (4th) (2 esc PR) 1:42.97


4×400 (1st) 3:49.87 (6 sec PR)


Long Jump:

Kaden Rodgers (6th) 17-6 ½ (2 in PR)


Pole Vault:

Zach Henry (1st) PR 10-6


Shot Put:

Kaden Rogers (2nd) PR 38-4 ½



Carson Manasse (6th) 105-10 (PR by 8 inches)


FOR MORE CONCLUSIVE RESULTS –.> http://www.microsport.com/cgi-bin/tmr.cgi?id=2040


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