Leap of Faith- TX Relay Recap

This past Thursday one of our Distance runners traveled to the Big Stage and competed in the Texas Relays! Kase has been a runner for SH all of his athletic career. In JH he showed a promising future as a runner, winning many of his track, cc, and a few 5k road races. Then in HS he has won countless meets in all three as well. Including CC District 4 years, Attending the regional meet all 4 years, winning regionals 1 year, attending the state meet 3 years, and finishing in the top ten 1 year. In track he has excelled in anything from the 400 to the 3200 (and currently is ranked 2nd in the 400, 1st in both the 3200/1600 in ET elite). I say all that to say one thing…his road hasn’t been easy. Injuries, mental blocks, and simply being a teenage boy has often made his road a struggle. Each highlight has come with some form of adversity, yet throughout it all one things has never changed. And that is the dedication, commitment, and passion for something greater then himself. He runs as many younger kids should aspire to resemble, humble in his abilities and ready for anything life throws at him. Including, the news his Coach decided to enter him into a race he has never fully ran, and getting injured 4 5 days prior. The steeplechase is different then anything we have ever done, but up for the challenge. Kase took the “Leap of Faith”, recovered the injury and passionately learned how to run a new race. The result- 5th place in a field of 17 runners. Leading 3 out 5 laps, and paving the way for future steeplechasers at Spring Hill. Way to go Kase!! Thank you to all who wished him luck & even attended the meet!

Here is a video of his race –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrNo5UfJFIQ



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