Gladewater Cub’s Relays (3/1/2016)


“Together we achieve more”. And that is EXACTLY what occurred on Tuesday evening as the Spring Hill JH tracksters dominated the Gladewater Track meet, all achieving first place as a team. For weeks the teams have been preparing to show all their hard work, and it finally paid off. With multiple 1st place finishes and few sweeps 1-3 in events, the JH tracksters across the board all continued to Build the Hill, starting off the season with the district crown in mind. However, beyond the track and field it was in the stands and cheering voices that proved to everyone just how dedicated and determined each and every competitor from SH is, no matter who won the medal…together we achieved the crown. Please read below for the results from the meet as they are posted (JH 8th grade boys and girls mile however is switched on times). Stay tuned for more meets as these young athletes continue to work hard and represent SH with all they have (and trust me I wouldn’t want any other group representing us).


Just change the team you want to see at the top. à


2400 and 1600 meter results (these were messed up on, I will soon get them all)


7th girls- 2400                                                                       7th Girls- 1600

Samantha Schott- 10:48                                                     Samantha Schott- 6:25

Maz Morton- 11:05                                                             Maz Morton- 6:51

Jocelyn Salaises- 11:45                                                       Taylor White- 7:05

Kennedy Croom- 11:30                                                      Kennedy Croom- 7:23

Olivia Orren- 12:15                                                             Peyton Borens- 7:27

Rachel Doss- 7:31


8th girls- 2400                                                                       8th Girls- 1600

Marissa Seyer- 10:47                                                          Marissa Seyer- 6:24

Caroline Deason- 10”58                                                     Caroline Deason- 6:42

Katie Johnson- 11:15                                                          Tierney Skogen- 6:55

Tobi-11:35                                                                            Katie Johnson- 6:55

Grace Iltis- 11:38                                                                 Grace Iltis- 7:16


7th Boys- 2400                                                                      7th Boys- 1600

Marshall B.- 9:29                                                                  Marshall B- 6:07

Walker Holt-10:05                                                               Walker Holt- 6:29

Caleb Hutchenson- 10:10                                                  Caleb Hutchenson- 6:29.87

Eli Bartel- 10:45                                                                   Eli Bartel- 6:52

David McFatridge- 11:20                                                    Taylor- 7:15


8th Boys- 2400                                                                      8th Boys- 1600

Mason Hancock- 8:50                                                         Austin Martin- 5:18

Kalen Barlow- 9:01                                                              Mason Hancock- 5:20

Craig Hunnicutt- 9:25                                                          Kalen Barlow- 5:40

Bray- 9:55                                                                             Nathen Hammock- 5:33

Craig Hunnicutt- 6:10


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