They “BUILT THE HILL” all summer, season, and for a week of post season, and on October 26th they did much more then just “RUN THE HILL”. This young group of runners, consisting of one senior, two juniors, two sophomores, and three freshmen, arrived at the regional meet for many different reasons. For most, it was just to make it there and be apart of the experience to learn for years to come, while one had been there before and was chasing down the Regional title…to bring that victory home to Spring Hill. And he did. Kase White won the title for the first time and walked away as Regional Champ. While his other young teammates didn’t leave heading to state, they left with heads held high and confident that SH will be back and White’s legacy will prevail them to do the same.

But for all the runners who competed this year (JH to HS) SH was victorious in many ways and together we will ensure Kase has one more race wearing the Blue and White, and together we will be back to Regionals next year with the same goal…WHO and HOW many are ready to win!




KASE WHITE- 1ST (16:16)

MANUEL FLOREES- 59 (18:20)

CARSON MCNABBB- 77 (18:38)

REESE PHILLIPS- 105 (19:16)

ZACH FISHER- 120 (19:38)

ETHAN PIMENTAL- 139 ( 20:17)


KINSEY SMITH- 47 (13:32)


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