“The miles can build you up, or the miles can build you down…its all how you approach it”

And for 68 Spring Hill Cross Country runners, the miles did more than just build up, but gave them a platform for excellence.

Starting back in early June, a handful of runners took to the streets and trails of Longview and White Oak to begin the journey of the 2015 XC season. Then slowly as time continued to pass…more and more runners joined the team, and soon the handful grew into over 60 runners waking up each morning at the crack of dawn to run. And week by week times dropped, the team grew closer, and greatness became a reality that ultimately would be achieved, October 19th in Gilmer. From the Varsity girls to the Junior High Boys, each and every race had one common factor, and that was that SH would end up on top. With 28 top fifteen finishes, and five out of six plaques coming home, SH as a whole won the meet and ended as the top school for district 16 4-A.

Going from a rocky start in years past, with not fully fielding teams to compete, the Panthers and Lady Panthers made this year’s season much more than just running. They became a family, never giving up on one another, motivating each other to push harder, and ultimately proving that CC isn’t as miserable as it seems. They were a part of history. Making this year’s CC team one of the most excelling group of runners SH has seen in years.

And under the leadership of Seniors Kase White and Julie Hodges, they not only were a part of this, but directly related to the success, and where the program will be in years to come.

For the girls, led by freshmen Kinsey Smith and JH runners Marissa Seyer and Samantha Schott the future appears bright.

And for the Guys senior Kase White is leaving his legacy as a 5 year district champ, and mentor to freshmen top runner Manuel Florres, sophomore Zach Fisher, and many more young aspiring runners for the Panthers. And with both JV and JH teams winning the meet, by a large margin it is safe to say if the same excitement and passion continues SH will not only be a force to reckon with, but a thriving program for many years to come.

In the end this year’s 2015 SH CC teams not only ran the hills, but built the HILL. Our miles built us up, and together we build each other up. And best part is…we are not done yet…next up REGIONALS!!

More conclusive results-

http://www.XC.gilmerisd.org (MEET RESULTS, DISTRICT MEET)


Kinsey Smith- 2nd 13:27 (REGIONAL QUALIFIER IND.)

Raygan Barnhill- 14th 14:49

Julie Hodges- 19th 15:43

Avery Barnhill- 24th 16:26


Kase White- 1st 16:03 (REGIONAL QUALIFER IND.)

Manuel Florres- 5th 17:44 (REGIONAL QUALIFER IND.)

Zach Fisher- 10th 18:13 (REGIONAL QUALIFER IND.)

Carson McNabb- 11th 18:33

Reese Phillips- 17th 19:14

Ethan Pimental- 25th 19:40

Carson Fruge- 26th 19:47


Kaitlyn Whitsett- 5th 15:38

Renee Petree- 6th 15:54

Shea Vandergriff- 12th 16:58

Guadalupe Solis- 14th 17:01

Courtney Speir- 20th 18:02

Arrington Melton- 22nd 18:14

Tara Pleasant- 25th 18:24

Hannah Belt- 29th 18:51

Allison Hicks- 30th 19:06

Zoey Rumsey- 31st 19:07

Tara Stevenson- 34th 19:24

Macy Borens- 37th 20:45

Hanna Jackson- 38th 21:07

Carolina Diaz- 39th 21:09

Haidi Estrada- 40th 21:12

Savanna Wulbrecht- 41st 21:13

Destiny Walker- 42nd 21:24

Alyssa Dean- 43rd 21:27

Kamryn Walker- 50th 23:15

Brooklyn Winfry- 51st 23:15.55


Kyran Miller- 2nd 19:18

Braden Herman- 3rd 19:23

Gabe Johnson- 5th 20:26

Judah Bulgarian- 9th 21:05

Tyler Caron- 10th 21:41

Taylor Dishman- 11th 21:48

Peyton White- 13th 21:53

Harrison Pecot- 23rd 23:57

Kert Key- 25th 24:42


Samantha Schott- 4th 14:04

Marissa Seyer- 6th 14:10

Katie Johnson- 21st 16:19

Grace Fisher- 23rd 16:30

Kennedy Croom- 24th 16:33

Krista Pleasant- 29th 16:42

Taylor White- 34th 17:19

Rachel Doss- 39th 18:02

Olivia Orren- 40th 18:06

Peyton Borens- 43rd 18:28

Mekenzize Riddle- 44th 18:31

Logan Mckelvy- 45th 18:35

Skylar Youngblood- 47th 19:01

Makayla Shaw- 48th 19:30


Austin Martin- 1st 12:19

Mason Hancock- 2nd 12:26

Kalen Barlow- 4th 12:48

Marshall Bodeimer- 5th 12:50

Nathan Hammlet- 9th 13:40

Carson Barnhill- 12th 13:51

Brian Vaca- 13th 13:56

Brody Barnhill- 14th 14:02

Caleb Hutchuns- 17 14:09


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