Week of: Sept 6-12

This week the High School will be running at Lear Park on Friday & the JH will be running in Gilmer on Saturday. What an exciting week it will be here at SH as ALL runners finally show East Texas the PACK!!

Sunday- OFF …enjoy 🙂


High School Boys: 5 mile progression + CORE

High School Girls/JH runners: 3 mile progression + CORE


High School meet JH fieldhouse @6am workout

JH BOYS meet at JH fieldhouse @6am Long Run

Bike Club: 6am

8th period- Core/roll OR Workout


EVERYONE meet at JH field house @6am

8th period: weights


High School meet at 6am (easy pre race)

JH girls meet for easy long run

8th period- Ice Bath/pre race


High School meet at 7:30am WE WILL LEAVE AT 8:00am (YOU WILL MISS SCHOOL)



JH meet at the HS GYM ENTRANCE @ 6:40 We will leave around 7:00 NO LATER!!

HS if you do not come along with JH you will have 30 min easy or 60min CT



**MONDAY HS @5:45am!!**


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