Chile Pepper Festival RECAP

WHAT AN INCREDABLE WEEKEND! This past weekend I had the privilege to travel with the varsity CC team to Fayetteville, AR and participate in the Chile Pepper Festival. The XC meet was outstanding, thousands of runners and spectators from all across the country.  By far this is the number one XC meet in the country, and one ALL runners should see, and have the opportunity to be apart of.

BOYS 5k total: 562 runners

Kase White 54th 16:29.9

Jacob Tomme- 206 17:31

Dillon Lewis- 504 20:56.0

Julio Torres- 505 20:56.1

Gabe Johhnson- 526 21:37

Austin Carter- 542 22:20

GIRLS 5k Times 492 Runners

Sam Morris- 275 22:05

Ashlynn Harris- 326 22:49

Savanna Ogden- 444 25:22

Kyrie Brown- 479 28:05

More Conclusive Results–>


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