Make sure you all are working on your footwork for the full throw.  There are plenty of drills we could be working on inside since we can’t get outside to throw.  Above is a link of a Coach I found who has several of the same drills and teaches the full throw the same way.  Watch some of those videos so we can continuously improve our distances regardless of the weather we’re handed.  There are several videos about the shot put as well.

You all need to lift!  The best discus and shot put throwers are very strong.  If you want to improve your distance and your form through the full throw, you need to get stronger!  Tomorrow (Thursday) will be a good power clean workout that is perfect for throwers.  It focuses on exploding through your hips!  One month away from the district meet!

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Discus drills you can do on carpet or in the kitchen in ur socks: