2019 Track Schedule

Practice Schedule:

HS (guys/girls) & 8th grade boys:

Will practice during the last period of the day. They will get in their run & extra workout before they leave. On hard workout days they will have weights to follow (they will end around 4:30-4:45 on these days. And On easier run days they will have either hill sprints/strides & hurdle/med ball (they will end around 4:00-4:15 on these days). Generally the longer days will be MON/WED, and shorter days will be TUES/THUR/FRI. However, it will also depend on the meet days.

PURPOSE for the EXTRA: Weights- to help reduce injuries and build muscle/tone muscles that are needed in runs. HURDLES- to help flexibility for hip flexors and help their strides develop. MED BALL- Core Strength for ABs and helping to have a strong torso for upright running. HILL SPRINTS- develop strong leg muscles and build strength in the legs, will help runners overtime throughout the season. STRIDES/BUILD UPS- Tweak and ensure proper form and work on runners open stride.

**If any JH runner would like to stay after to ever get in an extra run & some of the extra workouts they are free too, however they need to be here only to get better & not to just socialize and hurt those trying to improve and get ahead.

7th/8th girls & 7th boy runners Practice times:

Will workout in the mornings from 7:45 (be there ready to run BY 7:40) and will train until 8:30 or so. They will need to COME READY TO RUN, and ready to work. They will be working out before school and 1st period for their running training. They can do extra after school if they would choose too, not required. **If they are in  other events besides just anything 800 and up, they will float between the other event & training with the distance/mid distance crew. ** Get excited to be apart of the Mid distance/Distance crew, we work hard but see the results and it is a great family to be apart of!! (distances for this group is 800/1600/2400) If you have information about this group please email me: jalford@shisd.net

2019 track schedule (HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULE)

copy of 2019 jh track schedule (JUNIOR HIGH SCHEDULE)