Monday (June 17)

due to rain Monday will be on your own. The rain will be hit and miss throughout the day if you can find a window and get your run in! Don’t forget it’s always better with a teammate!!

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Week of June 10- June 23

June 10 (Monday) – Meet at shed @7:30am ..will run scheduled run + weights (about till 8:45am)

June 11 (Tuesday) – (OYO in morning) or meet with Longview running club @6:45 at ABC auto off Loop 281…and do a quicker social run.

June 12 (Wednesday) – pool workout TBA where at 3pm / or caveman @3pm location TBA

June 13 (Thursday) – meet at shed in SH at 7:30 (TBA) / Taco run at 6:30pm at mi casita  with Longview running club

June 14 (Friday) – TBA group run OR on your own.

June 15 (Saturday) – long run TBA location at 7:30am

June 16 (Sunday) – in your own / off

June 17 (Monday) – meet at 7:30am at SH shed (go till about 8:45am)

June 18 (Tuesday) – on your own in AM / meet at 6:45pm at Julianna Park with Longview running club

June 19 (Wednesday) – On your own / caveman or pool

June 20 (Thursday) – on your own / meet with lingview running club at Taco Run at 6:30am at Mi casita

June 21 (Friday) – TBa with running club / on your own

June 22nd (Saturday) –  long run at Bodenhimer’s (address will come)

June 23rd (Sunday) – off / on your own

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Pool workout canceled

Also sent in the group APP-

Due to the greater chance or rain remaining still during the times for pool, we will try next week for pool workout. Today you can either do caveman/any other workout or run. I’ll post about Saturday soon!

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You Don’t Give Up, You Look Up.

You Don’t Give Up, You Look Up.

The word is out, and it has now been one week since I walked out of a
room making one of the toughest decisions…a decision that brought to
light my life has been altered. Ever since I was a sophomore in High
School, I have had one dream, to become the best at running. In high
school that dream was to achieve State, and even though I trained as
hard as I knew how too, that dream never came true. There was always
something in the way, yet I didn’t know it then, but I was learning
vital lessons I would one day use…to help others achieve that very
thing. Lessons such as: train according to you, don’t become someone
else, and how sometimes “rest” days are needed for a better tomorrow.
My high school career soon came to an end, and I set my sights to be a
college runner. And for a few months…I reached it. However, over the
course of five years reality would be I would only race in two races.
It was tough to train and even harder to accept the roadblocks that
would come…why all my hard work, dedication, and passion was never
enough. And as time would tell, that dream would fade. I would end my
senior year in defeat, walking across the stage with a dream…a dream
to coach and teach my hard found lessons into anyone willing to give
me a chance.
I learned vital lessons in my first year, at Ore City, and thankful
for the start I was given. However, it was six years ago in the Spring
Hill high school library where I felt most at home. I never would have
imagined the seasons that lay before us…as I introduced myself (with a
boot on my foot), just praying to be accepted and that I could help
them achieve all their dreams. In that room six years ago, would be
three future state contenders, and a room full of runners I will never
forget…and even more that would join us over the years.
Over the past six years, I have witnessed more success then I ever
could have imagined. But mostly, I have seen what I thought were
failures I experienced, be some of the very lessons that I use the
most, in teaching and guiding runners to become THEIR best. You see
one big lesson I learned is that sometimes being YOUR BEST, is good
enough. Over the past six years, I will never be able to comprehend or
put into words all of what has gone into creating the running family
we love. The stories of triumph and overcoming, lay the foundation of
all successes.
Running is truly all I have known for nearly two decades. And a way I
can forget that my life has been altered in ways I have refused to
acknowledge. Through past highs and lows, running is how I express my
feelings, how I deal, and over the past few years been a way to
overlook the present. My team has guided me, just as much as they say
I guide them.
From my first group of runners, to the group about to lead the team in
2910, each and every runner has left a imprint. And I thought every
year was one step closer to being the best out there. Yet, as I write
I have come to see…they have reached it. And together we have reached
all my past dreams as well, just in a different way. I got to see
victory through the eyes of others, ones who were so much like me, and
because of that…I was able to reach them where they were, and guide
them to achieve greatness. But the biggest lesson I have learned over
the years is that I have been reminded that our God is a God of great
things. Even when we think, things don’t make sense. When we work hard
and don’t see the payoff, or when we pray and don’t get the answers we
want. I am still not fully “ok” with the decision I made. But I know
confidently that it is time to take my “off” days now.
In case anyone ask. Yes, I will be honest in saying head injuries are
tough to handle. They are to a degree an invisible injury. After the
time passes, and the “injury” seems to heal, or the time passes and
things begin to go back to normal, they really never do. I still
struggle and have my days where I am pulled down. And had it not been
for my runners and my team so many days would have been much harder to
deal with. Changes come when we least expect them. And many of my
greatest lessons have come with change (even when I don’t want to
admit to it). And for the time being, the change needs to be a slower
pace and time to accept change in all walks of life.
A week ago, I walked into the same room I did six years ago. And can I
just say how big our God is…. because even in the tears and sadness…I
was reminded that Dreams do come true. And honestly, the dreams I saw
achieved were far greater than I ever saw coming.  So I end in
saying…Spring Hill is my home. I cannot be more grateful for the
friends and family I have created…I cannot look back into the past,
but I can look forward in knowing the team I know will do great
things, because that is who they are, and I will still be cheering and
loving them like crazy, because that is who I am. And for now I will
trade the title of  “Coach”, for “Cheerleader” …and I will be the

-Jordan Alford
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Summer run 5/27 to 6/9

**Runs will usually last about an hour for run/core/weights** bring water bottle always

5/27 Monday – on your own / use your group app and get teammates to run

5/28 Tuesday – Meet @Borman Trail at 8:00 am

5/29 Wednesday- on your own / use your group app and get teammates to run

5/30 Thursday – on your own / use your group app and get teammates to run

5/31 Friday- on your own / use your group app and get teammates to run

6/1 Saturday – Meet at Pinick Park in WO (entrance off tuttle/tennerville road) at 7:30am

6/2 Sunday – OFF or Longrun on your own

6/3 Monday – on your own / use your group app and get teammates to run

6/4 Tuesday – Meet at Borman Trail @8am (trail head off the loop)

6/5 Wednesday – Meet at the Barlows (address will be in the group APP) at 3:00pm for pool workout. *if you dont have a swim suite wear running clothes and bring a towel*

6/6 Thursday – on your own / use your group app and get teammates to run

6/7 Friday – on your own / use your group app and get teammates to run

6/8 Saturday – Meet at the Guidry’s at 7:30am (address will come)

6/9 Sunday – OFF or long run on your own

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INFO from CC meeting

Thank you all so much for coming to attend the Cross Country informational meeting. We had a wonderful turnout and I cannot wait to get going with this group! Below are some links for handouts that were handed out at the meeting, incase anyone was unable to attend or incase you loose something.

I will send out pictures in the groups for the training plans for this summer. So please make sure you and your child (if they have a phone) are in the GROUP APP (I already added all those who were at the meeting and provided me their phone numbers).

Group Runs will be posted here & in the group app on a weekly basis. SO PLEASE LOOK. & if you ever need a ride, post in the group and see if you can get one. If you are out of town, that is understandable it is summer :), just make sure you still follow your schedules for Runs.

2019 parrent meeting outline  (outline of meeting last TUESDAY)

CAVEMAN WORKOUTS summer 2019 (Caveman workouts)


runner XC 2019 letter and key things



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CC Info Meeting 2019

ALL STUDENTS ENTERING 7-12th grades next year are invited to attend the CC info Meeting – MAY 14th @5:30-6:30pm

*IF you cannot attend I will post info after the meeting*


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